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Pros and Cons of Choosing an E-Learning Solution for Corporate Training

Technology permeates our lives in almost all spheres today, like for instance from the way we communicate with our friends or close ones to pre-bookings involved when travelling elsewhere. Hence, the fact that technology is also changing the way how enterprises offer corporate training to its employees is not astonishing at all. Giving up the traditional classroom-based approach, organisations have started to opt for technology-enabled classroom learning, thereby giving rise to the trend of e-learning at the workplace. 

While this may mean incorporating various authoring tools, employers must go the extra mile and make sure to invest in the development of their assets. Initially, organisations may go ahead with different elearning authoring tools with free license catering to the different needs of its employees. So, to enhance your knowledge in regard to the latest digital transformation, mentioned below are the pros and cons of choosing an e-learning solution for corporate training.

Pros of E-learning: The Corporate Upscaling

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When it comes to learning digital and technological skills, e-learning is the method of choice because of the reasons mentioned below. 

Easy Access and Scalability: This is one of the most valuable benefits of the program since it is easily accessible to a wide audience just via internet and cloud computing. And, it is extremely beneficial for multinational companies with employees in different continents as they can be provided with the same training material and be equipped with the same knowledge in their own time zones. 

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Cost Effective: Lower cost involved in elearning is its key advantage as you only have to pay just for the authoring tool and involves no additional costs like that of an instructor or any equipment as witnessed in the traditional classroom training method. Additionally, its cost is inclusive of all the latest updates in the process and you can also opt for elearning authoring tools with free trial initially. 

Ease of Use: Given how much we consume technology on a daily basis and how familiar we are with different software applications today, e-learning is no challenge then. By choosing a user-friendly program, organisations can ensure that its employees can easily navigate their way around and learn to use it quickly. 

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Tailor Made for Businesses: E-learning programs are highly customisable and can be tailored as per your requirements in terms of cost, function, and pretty much everything else. Additionally, these can also be tailored to your employees’ needs at any given point in time, if employees think they are aware of certain topics, they can just skim through it and do not necessarily have to spend extra time on the same. They also get to learn at their own pace which makes it easier for them to balance their work and deadlines simultaneously. 

Cons of E-Learning: The Corporate Upheaval 

While there are so many advantages associated with e-learning, it is not necessary that it shall fit everyone hence, certain limitations for the program have been summed up below. 

One size doesn’t fit all: One of the major disadvantages of e-learning is that this learning style might not be preferred by everyone as it does not appeal to them. Although the majority today is tech savvy and appreciates flexibility, there are people who still opt for classroom based training due to different reasons including more opportunities for interaction with different learners.  

Technology Issues: While the idea of using technology is exciting for some, it can be daunting for others as not everyone is a tech-savvy or is comfortable relying too much on technology. Alongside, other potential technological issues include specific browser requirements, slow internet connectivity or a poor device compatibility. 

Lack of control: With the approach of e-learning, employers are giving control to the employees to enhance their knowledge at their own pace and in their own time. However this flexibility might have its downsides as there can be times when employees simply go through the material just for the sake of it without really paying attention. This lack of control over employee learning can prove to be a major disadvantage. 

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams
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