Instagram might get group stories after Facebook ditched it


Earlier this year, Facebook launched group stories on its platform but the social media giant soon removed the feature after it wasn’t very well received by users. The social media giant says that they want users to have groups to engage in discussion and connect with others with similar interests instead of simply sharing stories.

At the moment, the company appears to be taking the feature to Instagram after ditching it. However, we do think that it can find a valuable place in a more photo-friendly platform.

According to app researcher Jane Mancun Wong, the company is currently testing out this feature in one of the app’s test builds.

Wong posted a tweet with some screenshots that indicate once you snap a photo from the stories’ camera option, it’ll let you post it to your stories, stories visible to only close friends, and stories for a group. Plus, you’ll be able to create a new group and post your story there too.

This means that, if the feature does go live when you create a story on Instagram, there will be a new option for “share to Group Story.” If you happen to select this option, the story will only be visible to members of that group message thread. Essentially, think of it as stories for an even more refined group of followers than Instagram’s Close Friends feature.

This Group Story feature could be useful if you had a group of friends attending the same event because it would allow you to share your stories about the event in one place. Additionally, if you had a group dedicated to a certain topic, such as a specific football team, you could post content about that team to your Group Story instead of your public story.

Although there’s no word on when this feature will be available for users at the moment. We’ll keep an eye out for you, and update you the moment it releases.

However, apart from the Group Stories feature, Instagram is also testing GIF Story Replies which was a popular demand by a section of Instagram users since its already available on Twitter and other apps.

This is a feature that will also allow you to respond to your Instagram Stories with a GIF. To use this feature, you simply need to click on the GIF button available beside the text field after which a pop-up with different GIF options will show up. Find the GIF of choice and post it.