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5 Best Trello Software Alternatives for Project Management

The best part of technology is their omnipresence in the whole corporate, and the education sector throughout the world. Therefore, project management has become THE word. There is plenty of software to choose from, but one needs to choose the best for his/her company. 

One of the popular ones in the market includes Trello, which is a software that is used to organize and group your work with the help of boards, lists, cards. It can be used by both individuals and groups. 

However, even Trello has a flip-side, and many are not satisfied with the simple approach of Trello. There are many features, such as task dependency, cost-tracking, time-tracking, and sub-tasks, that aren’t present in Trello. 

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 But if you think of other alternatives, you should consider the following 6 best Trello software alternatives in 2019 (especially when it comes to project planning, task and file management, team collaboration):

  • ProWorkflow:

You get to check your workload, collaborate with your colleagues and clients while there will be an in-built timeline and timesheet which will keep track of your projects and track your time better than you do, no kidding! 

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It comes with special features like file sharing, in-built messaging with easy and secure storage of your data. For creating reports and all, there are multiple templates to choose from. They also have add-ons like Adobe Extension App etc.

According to users, your experience only gets better with ProWorkflow. Their excellent customer support is equally comparable to their quality services.

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Did you know about their widgets that manage your tasks and contacts just in time!

  • Proofhub: 

| ProofHub offers a single platform for all your projects and team members. Another Kanban based alternative tool to Trello, ProofHub, offers a single platform for all your projects and team members. For example, when it comes to task management, you can create, assign tasks, subtasks to individuals or groups. You can create multiple tasks, as well.

When it comes to kanban boards, you can attach files and merge workflows, thereby adding flexibility and ease to the whole process. The Gantt chart records your progress statistically, highlighting the ones requiring immediate attention, your rate of efficiency in planning it.

You can have group discussions and chat with your colleagues, having a real-time discussion. They also provide an in-built project calendar, along with providing regular reports depicting a clear summary of your progress. Online proofreading is another prominent feature. 

  • Jira

| Jira is a beast, and it makes project management look like a walk through a park.

There are various project management tools available online. There are a bunch of simple ones like Trello. However, if you want a solid and power-packed tool, there is no tool better than Jira. Mainly made for software development, Jira is an agile project management tool that is used for bug tracking, planning and releasing projects, issue handling, and project management. Jira is listed among the top 3 Trello software alternatives, and it has already gained a massive following in the software development industry.

Fun fact: Did you know that the word “JIRA” was derived from the word “Gojira,” which is Japanese for “Godzilla.”

If you are a beginner and want to use Jira, it can be pretty intimidating when you see what it is capable of. Jira is a beast, and it makes project management look like a walk through the park. Jira also helps users to generate reports, which in turn helps in improving teams and the creation of individual workflows. The one thing that sets Jira apart from other tools is that each and every member of the team can use the tool to plan and release new software. 

  • Teamwork: 

| Teamwork has a visually comforting interface, and it is so neat that it beats other tools in terms of user-interface |

Now that we have talked about some complex project management tools let’s talk about the simplest tool out there; Teamwork. Teamwork is a cloud-based project management software that helps to boost your team’s performance and manages various project operations.

But why should one use Teamwork instead of Trello?

Teamwork has a visually comforting interface, and it is so neat that it beats other tools in terms of user-interface. The Gantt Charts are not only powerful but can also be printable. Moreover, Teamwork can manage all sizes of projects- from simple and short ones to complex ones.

It also monitors each and every member’s progress and checks their availability. On top of all this, the solution provides the Task-dependency feature which is missing from Trello. The client billing feature which enables the client to generate invoices and

the document sharing feature sets Teamwork apart in this cut-throat market.

  • Office Timeline: 

| Create amazing project timeline visuals in a jiffy without getting into the fuss of installing yet another management software |

Office Timeline provides a simple yet efficient timeline maker that enables businesses to create professional-looking visual project timelines and Gantt charts swiftly. It is a common fact that project plans are variable and are subject to change. However, when it comes to presenting only milestones and timelines, traditional project management tools are difficult to work with. On the other hand, although excel sheets are pretty easy to use, it wouldn’t be the right choice for creating a visual project timeline. So, if you’re into social media or influencer marketing field, this might be helpful for cold pitching. 

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