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4 Effective Steps to Take When a Domain Name You Desire is Already Taken

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The cyberspace is filled with a countless number of websites who already potentially have the exact domain name you want. This is probably why you find it hard to find a strong domain name for your online business.

In any case, you shouldn’t need to change your brand’s name or even settle for a subpar domain name that wasn’t a good choice. Your goal should be to find and register domain name that fits your business goals 

Don’t fret if your desired domain name is already taken. Here are a couple of things you can do to overcome domain availability issues:

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Check other domain extensions. As a new eCommerce business that is looking to emerge as a successful eCommerce brand, there’s no need to restrict your domain name choices by choosing names only on the standard domains like .com or .biz or .net. 

Try exploring other domain extensions and checking desirable names on them if your chosen name is already taken on a .com or a net.

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New domain extensions allowed startups and even new businesses to get the domain name of their choice on a good extension. Domain extensions like .store, for instance, can make a relevant and notable choice. Moreover, the chances to find the name you want are also high. 

If your fashion eCommerce brand is called ‘Exalt, then consider picking instead of or 

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Modify your domain name. If your preferred name is unavailable on traditional domains and even new domain extensions, the next thing to do is make a creative adjustment by modifying your domain name. 

For example, if is unavailable, try changing the name a little, potentially making it sound better. Why not opt for You could even brand it as ‘The Exalted Store’. Doing a variation or a minor tweak makes your brand come across as memorable. 

Purchase the domain you want. A taken domain can be bought from its owner. Some individuals and syndicates buy catchy domain names to resell it later at a higher cost to others. If the domain name you want is taken, but not being used, there’s a good chance that the owner is selling it. 

Accomplishing a WHOIS search will provide you with all the details regarding the domain name’s current owner, whom you can contact to acquire their domain name. 

Use the legal force. According to the trademark law, the first party to trademark their name is the rightful owner of that name. This means if you are first to trademark your brand name and the subsequent domain name is acquired by another party, you can challenge it in the court of law. 

This lets you take what’s legally yours. You can also reach out to ICANN, the international nonprofit organization in charge of all domain name registrations globally. They can readily act and settle the dispute since they have a dedicated dispute settling process to deal with name issues. You can get your desired domain name if the law is on your side.

Domain availability or unavailability is a top issue for eCommerce businesses that want to establish an effective online presence. This is true whether you’re an eCommerce startup or a newbie in the online businesses. Keep in mind to only register domain name with trusted providers like CrazyDomains, who also offers web hosting and web development for a complete online presence.

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