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Huawei Band 4 will be available in Kenya for Kshs.4,699/-

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Alongside the Huawei Y9s, Huawei also introduced the Huawei Band 4 in Kenya that will be retailing at Ksh. 4,699 and Band 4e that will be retailing at Ksh. 3,199 as it aims at positioning itself in the fast-growing accessories market.

Huawei Band 4 delivers easier, smarter and more convenient experience thanks to its fashionable ID design, improved comfort, extended battery life and optimized smart functions. Optimized and upgraded health tracking makes it a good choice for global consumers in daily health management.

Band 4 series is designed for sports, fitness, and fashion lovers, and will bring users an enjoyable experience and satisfy their diverse demands when they are available in Kenya later.

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A Fashion Artwork on Your Wrist

The 0.96’’ colourful touch screen brings Huawei Band 4 shinning appearance, delivering fuller colour, stronger contrast and better display. Full message display and colourful icons allow the screen to display up to 35 characters – you’ll never miss any important message or hint.

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The innovative Huawei Watch Face Store offers various watch faces in different styles and themes for your selection. Huawei smart band series will bring users a more enjoyable experience and satisfy their diverse demands when the watch face store is available for third-party developers.

Three straps in elegant Sakura pink, dynamic Amber sunrise and calm Graphite black make Huawei band 4 even more fashionable.

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Different from the conventional raised heart rate tracking module design, HUAWEI Band 4 adopts square chamfer design, effectively avoiding pressure on your wrist by raised module while bringing more comfortable experience.

The band is also designed with more youthful yet fashionable straps, which are more durable and resistant to dirt thanks to UV protective coating. Free from solvents and other coatings, its straps are more skill-friendly.

Plug-to-Charge for Longer Usage

Battery life always attracts the most attention of smart wearable users and manufacturers. Most smart wearables on the market now require a special charger or base despite different charging approaches, generally troublesome and bringing poor experience.

Huawei Band 4 Charging

Considering challenges in charging facing traditional bands, Huawei band 4 innovatively adopts the “USB-based plug-to-charge”, i.e. plugging the charging head embedded in strap into any USB for easy charging. Featuring optimized power consumption control, the band may also smartly identify user’s state and switch to the optimal mode. All these features contribute to its long battery life, allowing users to enjoy all its smart functions without worrying about usage time.

Smart Heart Rate Tracking

HUAWEI TruSeen™3.5 allows the band to perform extremely well in heart rate tracking.

HUAWEI TruSeen 3.5 heart rate was independently developed by Huawei after 4 consecutive years of technology accumulation. In terms of hardware, Huawei partners with top suppliers in customizing professional devices, and has optimized and designed PPG scheme with separated characteristics for lower power consumption and higher signal-to-noise ratio. With regard to the algorithm, Huawei 2012 Lab joints hands with its Russian Institute to further optimize the multi-sensor fusion + neural network and AI technologies to achieve more accurate tracking and analysis of heart rate and other data. Huawei collects and verifies typical big data samples regardless of costs to cover more people and more scenarios.

Backed by TruSeen™3.5, Huawei Band 4 can automatically identify the workout state of the user and switch to the real-time heart rate tracking mode, never missing every heartbeat in a workout. The heart rate tracking applies for all modes of outdoor/ indoor run, outdoor/ indoor walk, outdoor/ indoor cycle, elliptical, rower, and free training.

In workout, the band displays heart rate zone and workout class in real-time for the user to immediately adjust themselves for better exercising or training. The upper heart rate limit set based on the industry-leading scientific computing method serves as the threshold for heart rate upper limit reminds.

Upgraded in all aspects, Huawei band 4 delivers users an all-round health monitoring system that helps them better understand themselves and live a healthier life in their own way.

HUAWEI Band 4e

The HUAWEI Band 4e is designed for sports, fitness, and fashion lovers. This band even introduces a special mode for basketball enthusiasts.

Huawei band 4e is a smart wearable device combining both foot mode and wrist mode, basketball performance tracking, running form monitoring, daily activity monitoring, sleep monitoring and information reminder. Offering sports, Eco-Friendly and fashionable design, it is not only a perfect partner for smartphones but more a comprehensive assistant for a smart life. In addition to the Huawei trademark features like message notifications, daily activity monitoring, sleep tracking, and some other handy smart features typical of a smart band, the Band 4e steps it up with an all-new basketball mode. You can wear it around your wrist, or on your shoe while playing to gather even more data. The new foot mode option works for running too and can offer guidance on your gameplay and running form.

Smart Assistant for Healthier and Better Life

Huawei band 4e features over 20 smart auxiliary functions including information reminder, incoming call reminder, smart alarm, sleep monitoring, real-time movement data display, movement target setting, sedentary reminder, event reminder, mobile phone finder, Bluetooth disconnection reminder, etc., which can satisfy our daily demands and bring us a healthier and better life.

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