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WhatsApp’s new update brings group invite blocking, text reminders & dark theme

WhatsApp‘s new update has brought three brand new features that will make it possible for users to get reminders about important events, see if they have calls coming in and also block group invites from people they don’t know or not in their phonebooks.

Whatsapp’s features might not roll out to all its iOS and Android users at once, globally, but we thought it’s good for you to know what has been rolled out and coming to you in phases.

The reminder feature allows users to set and receive alerts inside WhatsApp in collaboration with remider app which users are urged to download fror easy integration. The reminder is under’s premium features and costs around $6.

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The WhatsApp and Reminder integration works straight from your ongoing conversations and is supported on any device. Users are reminded via WhatsApp as soon as tasks are due.

The second feature ensures that group-admins need your permission to add you. You can also block strangers and friends from adding you to groups without your permission unlike previously, where anyone with your phone number could add you to a group chat. To join any conversation you will have to accept a private invitation.

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To set this up, head to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups. Then select choice of who can add you into group chats: “Everyone”, my contacts” and “my contacts except”.

The last feature is WhatsApp Call Waiting feature which will allow WhatsApp to alert you when someone tries to call you while you’re already on another call. Unlike previously where you’d only find a missed call, this new feature will allow you to decline the incoming call, or end your current call and accept the incoming one.

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WhatsApp has also been rumoured to be experimenting on dark mode versions for the last 18 months. According to, WhatsApp is working on two different dark modes – with a third option possible on the way soon too.

As it stands, the new dark theme has three configurations only two have been implemented so far. The fist dark mode adopts a configuration of very dark colours for the table and background. The second theme uses softer shades of dark colours for both table and cells background.

However, there is no user information revealed on how the themes will be rolled out.  Another source reveals that the two themes under development are for the iphone Operating system iOS.

Other sources add that the pitch-black colours will be used in the background while the grey lighter shades for all the menu items. Chances, this will be the most popular set up for smartphone users with OLED screens.

However, if WhatsApp goes with this approach, users will have both the pitch black and grey tones to chose from.

Twitter offers a similar choice to its users. The Twitter dark mode has the same tones as which WhatsApp is rumoured to have. A dark mode with same deep grey tones as well as its lights out that uses the deep blacks which boosts phone battery.

Besides twitter, Facebook-owned Instagram now supports the dark mode feature. Currently, the design is available for users who recently upgraded to the latest iOs 13.

The team is working hard to support Dark Mode across both iOS and Android platforms, with numerous references to the new option surfacing in beta updates.

Dark interfaces allow an infinite contrast which improves readability. Especially on OLED displays, It reduces the amount of strain that the retinas are subjected to.

The dark theme in dark environments especially in the dark or at night, it reduces the dilation of pupils which is strenuous when switched constantly to a darkroom  and bright screen

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