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Tesla Files patent To Replace Windscreen Wipers With Pulsed Laser Cleaning Systems

Tesla has filed a patent to replace windscreen wipers with lasers.

The lasers cleaners are a high tech cleaning system. It cleans the windshield of the car by burning off dirt and debris using laser beams.

The patent, argues that the process of removing dirt with soap and water results in unproductive time spent while waiting for the glass to dry up.

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In addition to that, traditional windscreen wipers are inefficient. They are typically unable to reach every part of the windscreen.

Hence, the pulsed laser cleaning system will be an effective way.

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The lasers will clean any glass surface on a car including cameras and sensors used for autonomous driving.

According to the patent,  The cleaning apparatus is installed as a modular device in a vehicle and to provide a contactless means to clean different glass articles.

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For instance,  windshields, in-vehicle camera lenses, side windows, rear-view mirrors that oftentimes need cleaning for clarity.

Teslas might be able to detect dirt on a windscreen and then zap it off with a laser.

The system is likely to be useful for self-driven cars too. It will automatically clean camera lenses to make sure robot motorists know where they are going. As well, it will help cars avoid other cars or pedestrians.

Notably, Tesla has a history of pioneering new vehicle technologies through its development of all-electric cars and the deployment of advanced self-driving capabilities.

Recently, the company launched the first-ever cyber truck that is more capable in towing and hauling than the Ford F-150 Series and perform as a better sports car than a Porsche 911.

The Independent also notes that the company is also known for making all of its patents open source. Chances are, the laser windscreen cleaners could conceivably find their way onto the mass market.
This is because the open patent allows other manufacturers to adopt new technology without restrictions.
One of Tesla’s motivation is to bring sustainable fossil-fuel-free vehicles into the mainstream to combat climate change.
Similarly, Telsa released all it’s 2014 patents for any public member to  use the firm’s technology in goodwill.
The company as well as debates that, patents serve merely to stifle progress. It as well entrenches the positions of giant corporations and uplifts those in the legal profession, rather than the actual inventors.
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Val Lukhanyu
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