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Amazon Has Applied For a Patent For Touchless Scanning System

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Amazon recently applied for a patent at the US Trademark and Patent Office for a touchless scanning system.

The patent identifies a non-contact biometric identification system that includes a hand scanner that generates images of a users palms.

As noted in the patent abstract. a scanner device is used that is used to identify Images. They are acquired using the light of a first polarization. At the first time shows surface characteristics such as wrinkles in the palm.

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Images acquired of the second polarization shows deeper characteristics such as veins.

Alternatively, a user may be identified based on a comparison of the current signature with a previously stored reference signature that is associated with a user identifier.

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Currently, Amazon testing new technology that would allow it’s Go cashless customers to scan their hand to pay out their bills rather than swiping a card.

The technology is a touchless system that identifies people by the palms of their hands, wrinkles and veins to checkout on the system.

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Mostly technology developers, depend on it to bring security in applications or devices. For instance, smartphone makers currently make their phones with an enabled fingerprint identity.

By developing the hand identification technology in shopping. This will put the innovation among worlds top innovations towards the realization of a smart globe.

How fantasizing would it be, pay bills just by holding your palms against a screen?

This would be great. One advantage when it comes to palms is that it is accurate and fast identification of a user.

It provides useful information that is used in a variety of ways. For example, entry to a material handling facility, transportation or delivery location can easily be controlled based on user identity.

Citing from USAtoday blog post, ” the identity of a person could be used to link them to “an associated account,” or bank account. The internal management system could track what item a customer picked from a shelf, the tech then triggers inventory replenishments after a customer takes an item from the shelf.” according to Amazon.

Additionally, on the privacy of the hand identification system. Internal hand scanning is more much reliable than a credit card swipe.

“Traditional systems for identifying users suffer from several significant drawbacks including susceptibility to fraud, speed, accuracy, and operational limitations,” Amazon says.

However, the security of the hand scanners is not revealed. Like the facial. It’s fairly easy to change your password. Alternatively, you can close an account after a data breach. There is no such chance where one can change the internal vein structure.

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