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Samsung Acquires Network Services Provider TeleWorld Solutions to Accelerate 5G Network Expansion In The US

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Samsung announced the completion of an agreement to acquire Teleworld Solutions (TWS). The partnership will help network operators accelerate and simplify the 5G roll out across the US.

TWS provides network design, testing and optimization services to mobile service and cable operators, equipment OEMs and other companies across the U.S.

. The acquisition will address the need for end-to-end support in delivering network solutions.

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“The acquisition of TWS will enable us to meet mobile carriers’ growing needs for improving their 4G and 5G networks, and eventually create new opportunities to enhance our service capabilities to our customers,” said Paul Kyungwhoon Cheun, Executive Vice President and Head of Networks Business at Samsung Electronics. 

“Samsung will continue to drive innovation in communications technology while providing optimization services for network deployments that accelerate U.S. 5G network expansion.”He added. 

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With a growing position in the U.S. networks industry, along with its 5G technology leadership. Samsung Networks has collaborated with major U.S. network operators to fulfil 5G’s network expansion.

In June last year, the smartphone maker joined AT & T mobile in launching a 5G innovation zone. The launch demonstrating 5G’s impact on the Smartphone Factory. It as well highlighted the use cases that involve robotics, industrial IoT and AR training and safety applications.

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The combination of Samsung and TWS will help customers address next-generation demands.

“The advent of 5G and the amount of new spectrum coming into the U.S. The market requires scale and innovation for the next generation of wireless technologies,”. said Shervin Gerami, CEO of TeleWorld Solutions.

He further adds that, adding that working with Samsung will go a long way in addressing that new 5G  reality. 5G network builds network virtualization initiatives. Among them, the testing and optimization associated with new open, RAN architectures. The demand for network infrastructure, design, deployment and optimization services is through the roof. Thus requiring even big names in the telecom industry to take a fresh look at how they deliver network solutions.

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Samsung has had a strong presence in the U.S. for over 40 years. It has invested more than $30 billion and currently employing over 20,000 workers across the country.

Samsung remains committed to investing in 5G advancement and network development across the U.S. 

It has had initiatives such as the 5G Innovation Zone at their Samsung Austin Semiconductor facility in Texas and a collaboration to create the nation’s first 5G-enabled stadium experience among many others. 

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