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The Future of 8K Tvs From The CES 2020

CES 2020 was all about showing off new 8K models. TV makers like Sony, Samsung, LG and TCL all showed off their new 8K models.

The 8K TVs have a video resolution far surpassing HD, and four times the pixel count of 4K displays. The new 8K models, promises advances in processing and ramped-up manufacturing to offer sharper and more affordable sets.

Each year’s CES is overrun by concept TVs that are destined to either remain prototypes for years to come or be released with such high price tags that they might as well not have come out at all.

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Notably, in the CES 2020  8K TVs were still just as pointless as ever. The verge blog concludes that The   LG Display showed up with another rollable TV that descends downward rather than rising upward. Likewise, Samsung had a weird rotating 4K TV that was meant for vertical videos.

Further, the blog concludes that the show oftentimes overlooked midrange.

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High-end technologies trickled down after years of being unaffordable or impractical for most people, while the slow emergence of the new HDMI 2.1 standard is beginning to open up a lot of functionality that was previously exclusive to niche sections of the market.

8K TV’s that graced the CES 2020

This year, LG announced three new 8K models while Samsung tripling its number to 6  of 8K QLEDs this year.

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The LG sets launched at the CES 2020 seemingly use a CM measurement. It stresses the ability of individual pixels to distinguish clearly between each other and certainly succeeds on that metric more than Samsung.

Samsung takes the top prize for its exceptional Q950R 8K QLED. With stunning picture quality, bar-setting HDR performance, and cutting-edge AI processing for all that pesky upscaling, this is a set that shows the true potential for 8K technology – even if its 8K capability feels slightly ahead of its time

TCL, on the other hand, unveiled an all-new series of TV’S featuring enhanced versions of its Mini-LED backlight technology.

Unlike MicroLED which mostly used by other TV tech firms, Mini-LED is a backlight technology that enables LED/LCD televisions to boast better black levels, higher contrast and tackle OLED panels in terms of picture quality head-on.

The new models will come with Quantum Contrast tech. This will, it says, results in “a display that delivers unrivalled contrast and brilliant clarity”.

Sony likewise has put out a truly stylish, well-crafted television – the fact that it’s 8K is just a bonus.

The Z9G Master Series is seamless in displaying both 8K and 4K content. In addition, it has  3,600 nits brightness of the 85-inch which gives an almost celestial quality to the images.

, with HDR images that are out of this world. Even when displaying lower-contrast SDR pictures, the Z9G is able to use the X1 Ultimate processor’s object-based HDR Remastering system to bring them up to speed and make the most of this brilliant panel.

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Val Lukhanyu
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