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Huawei Harmony OS coming As An alternative to Google Services

Huawei is still picking up after the US ban. The Chinese telco is fighting back to reassert itself in the mobile phone market.

The platform is in its v4.0 back as by December 2019 in its AppGallery. This is an alternative to the Google Play Store.

Reportedly, the kits cover a range of functions including location-tracking, health and even a specific machine learning kit. According to Tech-Radar, this highlights hyper-advanced facial detection services and in-depth text recognition and image-labelling tools.

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Pocket-lint notes that the App Gallery has long existed in its phones, it’s just rarely used by western audiences.

Huawei’s goal has been to get more developers on board for the HMS. The blog adds that the HMS Core -is a free-to-register service for developers looking to bring their apps to the store – with additional insight and incentive.

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Huawei Mate Xs Gets 3C Certification, Supports A 65W Output.

Given AppGallery already has over 400m monthly users. Most of them are from China where it was first introduced. This is quite a potential market for a start.

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The Harmony OS is likely the future. , According to the Huawei’s consumer business group CEO, Richard Yu, already  55,000 developers have signed up to HMS.

He adds, “we have made the HarmonyOS ready: we can do it already. The launch is still halted because we still want to support the Google Android ecosystem. Harmony is there in case we cannot use Android next year. Our backup plan is always ready. But we want to continue to support our partners, our US partners like Google.”

It’s no surprise that a top 100 most valuable brand in the world has the resources to create world-class systems in little time and lure in others. The bigger question, we think, is whether people now trust the brand and would even consider investing in its future devices. That same is true of developers, knowing there will be no US market to infiltrate, weighing up the sums of development costs and market reach.

However,  some sources reveal that its latest devices, such as the Mate 30 Pro are unable to utilise Google Services. This includes the Google Play Store.

The company seems already ahead time. They have a back up ready in place barely six months after the announcement.

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Val Lukhanyu
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