Google Launches Tangi a New Video Sharing App For DIY Tutorials


Google has introduced a new video-sharing application called Tangi. The app works similar to IGTV, TikTok and Byte which now comes in as a direct competitor.

However, the application is still in the testing phase by Google’s in-house incubator for experimental projects.

The new app’s name stands for TeAch and dubbed  “tangible” because it lets you post 60-second tutorial videos.

Tangi allows you to post your videoes in different categories for everything from crafting to makeup to cooking. and there’s a “Try It” feature so users can recreate and share a tutorial.

“Last year, our small team within Area 120, Google’s lab for experimental projects, started building Tangi. It’s an experimental social video sharing app with quick DIY videos that help people learn new things every day. Tangi is where creative people can get new ideas and connect with other passionate people like them. The name is inspired by the words TeAch aNd GIve and “tangible”—things you can make,” said Coco Mao, team lead for Tangi.

“We’ve been working with creators who already make these kinds of videos so that Tangi can become a place where they have a voice to inspire other makers. Tangi’s focus on creativity and community is the biggest draw for them. They’ve been able to experiment with new ways to take their creativity to the next level. For example, Holly shows easy DIY projects and Rachel tells amazing stories through her portrait drawings.” added Coco.

Currently, Tangi is only available in the Apple App Store. There’s also a Tangi website. It’s not yet in the Google Play Store. Google also said the ability to upload is not available to everyone yet, as you have to join a waitlist to get full access.

Prior to its release to the world, Tangi has pre=videos on crafting, cooking, cosmetics, or clothing already in their watchlist. They include: Bring Boring White Candles to Life, DIY Spoon Flower and Pink Velvet Cake with Marbled Hearts