3 Tips to Save Money Booking Your Next Hotel Room


According to Mike Heflin, a senior vice president of the hotels’ division at Travel Leaders Group, it is not uncommon for two friends staying in the same hotel to be paying different prices for the same services. Hotel prices can differ widely depending on the manner the guest booked the hotel.

If you are a student going on vacation, but you require write your papers by a freelancer, it is crucial that you save up on all expenses incurred. You do not want your funds to run out after a relaxing vacation out of town.

Image: When with a friend, it is cheaper to book a hotel with twin beds than booking individual beds in different rooms.

Here are three tips to save money while booking your next hotel room:

  1. Shop Around the Available Hotel Rooms

Shopping around is an important tip to consider when booking a hotel. It will help you in getting the best deals for a hotel room. Use online travel sites like Tripadvisor to find and compare the different prices for several guest houses in a given area.

As you shop around, make sure to compare the prices of booking directly through a receptionist vs. using an online travel agency to book. You could save a lot by booking through travel agencies because most tend to have negotiated rates with a chain of hotels.

  • Look for All-Inclusive Deals

It is quite annoying to book a room at a seemingly reasonable rate only for the price to increase exponentially in hidden resort fees such as parking fees and the daily internet fees.  While comparing room prices, prioritize those offering free services such as free breakfast and free parking.

Alternatively, you can ask for the lowest rate via phone or in-person because a hotel pricing structure rarely mentions such prices.

  • Buy other People’s Reservations

Help other people who are no longer traveling but are stuck with their hotel reservations on sites like RoomerTravel. You might get a discount of up to 70%when using such services.

Final Remarks

Before settling on any hotel deal, it is advisable to research on the reviews about the hotel. Some hotels do lie about the real condition of the hotel online.

Moreover, look for sites offering exclusive hotel deals and coupons that will eventually save you money.