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Five Interesting Uses of QR Barcodes

First let’s start with the basics; what is a QR Code? Well, a QR code is a kind of barcode that is considered to be the next generation. These small muddled squares were initially created to keep track of cars as they made their way through the manufacturing process, today, quick response codes are so useful that they can be located everywhere from assembly lines to storage facilities.

They can even be found on completely unrelated things like business cards and advertising billboards. The best way to conceptualise the QR code is as a customizable barcode on steroids – a huge amount more information in a far smaller amount of space. 

QR codes are a form of 2D barcodes that can contain more than 4,000 characters, both letters as well as numbers, in a restricted horizontal and vertical space. This is a huge upgrade from the traditional linear, better known as the 1-dimensional barcode, that is restricted to only holding roughly 20 horizontal characters.

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Perhaps the greatest characteristic of the QR Code is that they are both easy to create and easy to read. You can make your own QR Code through a series of a few simple clicks on a free generator, and they can be just as simply read and interpreted from any direction with a simple application on a smartphone or even just the smartphone camera. The best QR code generator apps will allow you to create custom QR codes with logos or images and also provide analytics on how many times the code has been scanned.

At a point in time, during the early 2010s, it looked as though QR Codes were going to take the world by storm, and replace all other forms of the barcode. While this of course did not happen, and that initial enthusiasm cooled down, the fact that the smartphone and computers are more omnipresent than ever is a pretty solid sign that QR Codes will have a resurrection of popularity. QR Codes are now in fact necessities in the management of manufacturing and inventory processes. They have even increased their grip in advertising, marketing and networking. Even social media and streaming platforms have not been able to be immune to their power.

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So, the power of the QR Code is undeniable and they can be found almost anywhere, but how can it serve you if you buy barcodes? Let’s take a closer look:

The 5 ways you can use QR Codes in your business:

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  1. QR Codes can be put onto your business cards:

Instead of just putting the basic, cookie cutter information about your name, phone number, address etc. on your business card – why not add a QR Code to it? Not only will this make you look high tech and on trend, it will also afford you the opportunity to store a hoard more information than ever before. With a QR Code – you can include a link to your social media sites and company website and even a photograph of you that can be accessed by anyone with a simple scan. 

  1. Put QRs on stationery and invoices:

Errors and slip ups in business are inevitable, and you want to make the rectification process as quick and painless as possible for you and your customer. Including a barcode like the QR Code on things such as your branded business stationery and bills that takes your customers straight to your customer service site where they can access useful information such as contact details, guides, and even return labels.

  1. Create QR printed adverts:

Looking for a way to endorse more than simply your latest sales and deals? Why not show that your business is committed to decreasing your waste output? Rather than printing a circular with pages and pages, reduce the size to only a few pages, bringing attention to a few special offers and then include a QR Code that contains your URL to link customers to all your other information on your website. This is also great method of tracking how much traffic you are getting to your page.

  1. Inventory control and QR Codes:

Remember that QR codes are still important tools when it comes to inventory control, as well as in management and manufacturing. They permit you to keep track of more than just the name and cost of your product. Because of their greater storage capacity, they can contain data and information like serial and part numbers, lot numbers and dates of manufacture, and much more information.

  1. QR Codes and work events:

QR Codes can be used on event materials to direct consumers to a virtual version of your event. Not only does this make it possible for those attending your event to travel light – it also reduces your carbon footprint as a business. Include things like an e-ticket, directions, a map and any other relevant and promotional information customers may require.

QR barcodes are an easy to create and cheap way to cram more data and information about your company, your services and your products in a tiny amount of space. There’s nothing to lose, so why not give them a shot? If you would like to buy a barcode contact us at SA Barcodes with assistance in setting up your own unique QR code.

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Milcah Lukhanyu
Milcah Lukhanyu
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