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Jobs You Can Get With CompTIA Security+ Cert

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In the world of technology, CompTIA Security+ is an industry-standard that validates the basic skills required to perform basic security operations and careers in computer security. However, it is believed that certs leave a good first impression. According to a survey, 96.6% of employees use IT certification as a selection or employment criterion. Network security, also known as information security (Info-Sec), is becoming an important area of ​​civilian and military organizations, and employment opportunities are increasing daily. Certificates usually contain vague titles, which can make it difficult to get a real career.

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CompTIA Security+ Certification

This certification has many benefits that not only demonstrate sufficient knowledge of security devices and concepts but also allow you to implement the necessary procedures to remove all security breaches. It also ensures that security professionals involved in this type of IT certification, which can anticipate security risks and respond appropriately to maximize protection.

Jobs You Get With CompTIA Security + Cert

Following are the job that you will get after CompTIA Security+ certification:

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System-Administrator or Sys-Admin is an IT professional with a “catch-all” job. Basically, the system administrator is involved in the extensive design, operation and maintenance of computer systems and servers. This broad definition means that one system administrator can maintain a preset school network, while another can manage small businesses and be responsible for all aspects of networking from scratch. Increasingly, system administrators are managing the network, server rooms, and keeping systems away from malware and attacks.

Information Security Expert

Security professionals work in a variety of security-related fields. From data security to new security systems, this category of work is quite extensive. A typical information security analyzer can install firewalls and antivirus software to test and measure network security. It’s a key role that you can trust for years that will allow you to start your career as a Certified-Ethical-Hacker (C-E-H). Requirements vary depending on the workplace, but CompTIA Security+ Foundation is the perfect starting point for foot-to-door diagnosis.

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Cyber Security Engineer

As a Cyber Security Engineer, you review and improve software that enhances your organization’s security. As an engineer, you should be familiar with the underlying architecture that supports secure infrastructure and can identify vulnerabilities and find solutions. The responsibilities of security engineers relate to threat assessment, security analysis, risk assessment and system or network migration. Submit network and system changes and critical software updates to implement or validate the implementation through the change management process


A pen is a test to identify an attack on the Internet to detect and exploit security breaches. This is usually done to confirm that the functionality of the system and the data can be accessed through a coordinated network attack. One of the most prominent careers in information security is the breakthrough test. Ben Tester’s narrow goal is to find and exploit vulnerabilities to see how stable and secure the system is.

Military or Industrial Info-Sec (IT Expert)

Info-Sec is fast becoming a big part of the war. Although it is difficult to determine the specific name of military personnel and certain security positions (ambiguity in information technology naming helps increase security), skilled professionals are required to work in a sensitive environment. Demand is growing every year, but we expect the increase to upsurge the need for qualified applicants who can address some of the biggest security challenges.

What Does Security + Certification Mean For Your Career?

Getting a Security+ certificate will increase your value to current and future employers as it also increases your ability to:

  • Explain the security features of the shared device and network technology in any archive that will make you very valuable to almost all employers.
  • Apply and implement the principles and methods of secure network management in virtually any environment.
  • Identify security risks and take malicious measures to reduce the risk and thus limit the damage.
  • Understand relevant security policies, laws and regulations related to on-site or global IT, thereby reducing potential fines for regulators.

Job Opportunities for Certified Security+ Professionals

The current market for CompTIA Security+ certified professionals is growing. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a different industry with brighter prospects than network security experts. Experts predict that by the end of 2020, there will be up to two million network-related vacancies. It takes about six million internet users and only four million are available. This gap will increase the demand for skilled security professionals and increase salaries accordingly. CompTIA found that 62.6% of US computer managers know security skills as “important” when considering a job.

Benefits of CompTIA Certifications

Below-defined is some of the advantages of CompTIA Certifications:

Proof of Seriousness

Although not all employers require the certification of their prospective employees, the CompTIA logo is reassessed as to how high the incentive of your professionals is. Every employer sees you take your job seriously. They see that you are ready to work hard to climb the career ladder.

Opportunity to Get a Job

Nowadays, a terrible mistake is much more than at any other time. The current environment requires more to be done, which is why employers cannot afford the time and cost of hiring new unskilled workers. Therefore, employers place great emphasis on certification, as it is one of the safest ways to demonstrate employees’ technical skills.

Save money

CompTIA certification gives you the knowledge and skills you need to solve all system problems. So you don’t have to go to a shop and have them pay for your computer repairs. This will save you money. This certificate can save you money. You can even become a local computer repair service. You can see that CompTIA certification is very useful in many ways. 

Great Moral Booster

The mere fact that you have passed the CompTIA exam with rigorous requirements is a great morale boost, especially if you decide it is time to take your career a step further. In addition, some of the more important multi-part certification trains do give you the opportunity to be certified.

Ready For a Security+ Career?

CompTIA now offers a variety of CompTIA Security+ IT training options according to your learning style and program, many of which can be used together to prepare for the exam. There is plenty of information to help you decide if CompTIA Security+ is right for you during the exam. To say that opportunities for qualified, certified and trained network security professionals would be proportionate. The work is not only exciting and challenging but also very economical for those who achieve even modest results in this area. 

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