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Zoom removes meeting IDs to boost security

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Zoom has released a new update that removes meeting IDs from the title bar during meetings to improve security for users. In recent days, the meeting ids exposed users to security threats, including unwanted guests crashing and harassing strangers in video chats.

Zoom has further removed the client IDs from the title bar when conducting a meeting. The app has updated to a new software version including changing of existing features, removing meeting IDs, moving invite button to participants panel among other features.

Following the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, users have sort to use zoom for their meetings and everything video which has created a user upsurge. As of last month, the app reported over 200 million active users from 10 million in December.

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Following the user complaints about the security, of the app last week, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan in a blog post. He announced that they would be working on the key areas to strengthen the app. Some of the features include freezing any work not directed towards safety. Or the privacy of the users for the next 90 days.

Additionally, the company was to conduct a review with third-party experts, running a series of security penetration among other tests. And also hold weekly webinars to provide updates to users in the 90 days.

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As at now, Zoom has come up with two new developments that will help them bolster security on the app.  The events include forming a CISCO council and Advisory board that provides for security leaders from across industries.

“Within our CISO Council, we are establishing an Advisory Board that will include a subset of CISOs. Who will act as advisors to me personally. This group will enable me to be a more effective and thoughtful leader. It will help ensure that privacy and security are at the forefront of everything we do at Zoom. The initial members of our Advisory Board will include security leaders from VMware, Netflix, Uber, Electronic Arts, and others.” said Yuan.

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As part of their 90-day commitment. Zoom has added Alex Stamos as an external advisor who is an expert in cybersecurity. He will help implement controls and practices.

Lastly, they hosted their first webinar yesterday to provide privacy and security updates to the zoom community.

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