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TikTok introduces Family Pairing feature for more parental control

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TikTok is advancing its commitment towards building for a safer community for its young users. Today, the short-form mobile video giant has introduced a Family Pairing feature. That will allow parents and teens to customize their safety settings based on individual needs.

Family Pairing enhances TikTok’s suite of safety tools. It also complements its work to provide greater access to product features as users reach critical milestones for digital literacy. It is part of TikTok’s continued work toward providing parents with a better ability to guide their teen’s online experience. As well, it allows them to get insights about online safety and digital citizenship. More than ever, families are turning to internet platforms like TikTok to stay entertained, informed, and connected, especially with social distancing.

The embrace of platforms like this is providing families with joint tools to express their creativity, share their stories, and show support for their communities. At the same time, they are often learning to navigate the digital landscape together and focused on ensuring a safe experience.

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TikTok family pairing control

Family Pairing, which will be rolling out over the coming weeks. It will allow a parent to link their TikTok account to their teens’ and set controls, including:

  • Screen Time Management:  You can control how long your teen can spend on TikTok each day. Also, TikTok has partnered with top creators to make short videos that appear right in the app and encourage users to keep tabs on their screen time.
  • Restricted Mode: Parents can restrict the arrangement of content that may not be appropriate for all audiences. Even without Family Pairing, parents can help their teen set Screen Time Management. And Restricted Mode by visiting the app’s Digital Wellbeing controls at any time.
  • Direct Messages: You can limit the number of messages or turn off direct messaging completely with user safety in mind. Additionally,  and TikTok doesn’t allow images or videos in direct messages.
  • From April 30, TikTok will be taking those protections one step further as relates to younger members of its community. And it is automatically disabling Direct Messages for registered accounts under the age of 16.

The app allows users from the age of 13 and above to create their content on the app. The teens have a more extensive array of app options for download. Which makes it a critical time for teens and their families to learn about digital literacy and smart online behavior.

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In addition to Family Pairing, TikTok already offers several resources to support users on this journey, including educational safety videos and parental guides like the Top Ten Tips for Parents.

TikTok also encourages parents to enlighten teens about the code of conduct outlined in the Community Guidelines to help them understand what responsible community behavior. As well as identify and report content that may be in violation.

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