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Scott J Cooper Water Council Reviews: The Game Changers

The movie, The game changers is an excellent piece of art that talks about the vegan diet and its advantages. 

The reason Scott J Cooper is talking about the movie because vegetables and farmland have a close link to the issue of water shortage. Cooper’s work revolves around addressing the water shortage problems in the US before they become severe issues. 

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One of the easiest ways he suggests by which water could be saved is by changing the irrigation system of the farmlands. The farmlands consume a substantial amount of water and only if it is used with caution things can be different. 

Moving on the movie ‘The Game Changers’ a masterpiece in its own right directed by Louie Psihoyos. 

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It seems to be telling the meat-eaters that if they go on a vegan diet they won’t be any weaker as they have been lead to believe. The movie has taken into context some of the most healthy and strong people: the athletes. 

The protagonist of the movie: James Wilks is a retired Martial Mixed Arts (MMA) fighter who is now training the military men on how to do hand-to-hand combats. However, due to an unfortunate injury to his knee, he was sidelined. However, wanting to get back in the game as soon he can he researches ways by which he could go a speedy recovery. Here began his transition from being a meat-eater to going on to a fully vegetarian diet. 

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Whilst he researches he tumbles upon the information that the men in the past who were ‘manly’ only age vegetables. Then starts a journey of bursting myths that meat is the only component that makes you strong. As the movie introduces and makes us walk through an array of athletes who prove that you can be strong even if you are just on a vegetarian diet

What the film taught us? 

It makes quite a bold statement that vegetarians get all the food staples nutrients in their diet. It burst the myth that vegetarians will have deficiencies that meat-eaters won’t because of the food chain.  

If a well-planned vegetarian diet is consumed then the vegan will also have the nine vital amino acids (building blocks of protein that should be in a diet of a human) in their diet.  

It is not only by eating meat that you will be able to grow your body. Plants can provide sufficient proteins to grow and sometimes even better because of the source of the food chain.

What is the criticism of the film?

The film tries to make its point by research and studies but it seems like they are biased. In promoting a vegan diet they completely forget the benefits of animal food

The citations that have been given in the film are not as concrete as the director made them out to be. Things have also been taken out of context to the point that they made the meat-eater audience uncomfortable in their seat. 

The film stresses upon going fully vegetarian, it is like it is all or nothing and there is no in-between. People are suggested to give up red meat, seafood, chicken, and even eggs. 

Attaining a proper vegetarian that has all the nutrients would require you to go to a nutritionist which can often be expensive. 

Hence going on a vegan diet is not so easy for a person who can’t afford these expenses. The movie conveniently forgets to mention the fact that the athletes who were shown as role-models have access to the top of line dietitians and chefs who make sure that their diet is complete. 

The film miss facts like not everyone can consume a vegan diet for instance children should have meat in their growing years and older adults with illness can have a vegan diet but it has to be monitored.



The film is pro-vegan, hence only supports that and makes it seem like things are black and white. But the truth is that there is a lot of gray areas when it comes to this and it is an ongoing debate. 

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