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Gumzo, A Video Conference Platform Made By Africans For Africans

by Shera
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Gumzo,  a video conference platform made by Africans comes into the market at a time when online communication is most crucial. Following the virus outbreak, many companies have had to implement work-from-home measures, and several educational institutions have had to rely on online classes. Currently, the popular video conferencing platform Zoom has a market valuation of roughly US$42 billion, and other video conferencing platforms also want a piece of the pie.

Gumzo offers video and audio conferencing options, as well as chat rooms that are always free. They have a strict policy and administrators that make sure their chat channels are a safe and friendly place for meetups and chatting. They also offer women-only channels, private channels, and topic restricted channels to keep you safe and comfortable.

Their chat channels are entirely private. They have a strict system that will ensure your personal information and contact details are private. Their calls are encrypted end-to-end with no back-doors, so your private chat is yours.

More importantly, however, the platform is hosted in Africa, for Africa – you can connect knowing that your call isn’t being routed through some server in Silicon Valley or China. Gumzo’s calls have top quality because your signals don’t have to go halfway around the world.

While Zoom has a free version for group calls that are less than 40 minutes, then $14.99 (Kes 1,603) a month for small teams, Guzmo offers unlimited conference calls with any number of participants for Kes 100 a week.


image: Gumzo



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