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Huawei launches media blitz as UK weighs in on 5G networks

by Val Lukhanyu
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Huawei is launching a newspaper and internet campaign to mark 20 years of business in the UK amid speculations that the UK government may ban the use of the 5G network kit.

In an open letter to the public, the Chinese telecoms company says it is “as committed as ever” to provide “the best equipment” to the UK’s 5G mobile and full-fibre broadband providers.

Huawei’s first significant global breakthrough came in the UK in 2005, when it signed a deal to upgrade BT’s copper broadband service, five years after having entered the market.

And 15 years later, the UK government’s decision to allow Huawei a role in the country’s 5G mobile networks represented another crucial victory after months of battle with the US government over security risks.

In January, ministers announced that Huawei’s market share would be capped at 35%, and it would be excluded from sensitive locations, as well as the so-called “core” of the network.

The company’s advertising campaign also highlights Huawei’s support of British universities and other institutions. Which might also be affected, were the company to be blocked.

Victor Zhang, the Vice President For Huawei and head of its UK operations. Told the BBC “We think this decision will heavily impact on the global supply chain of the semiconductor industry. And that the advertising campaign was aimed at informing people amid the “noise” surrounding the company,”

Mr Zhang added that it was still too early for the company to draw any conclusion about the impact, and promised to share details of its own review when complete.

The NCSC is expected to report in the coming weeks. And may say it has lost confidence it can manage the risks associated with Huawei being involved in 5G.

That could open the way for the government to shift its position to further reducing or even eventually eliminating Huawei’s role.

“We believe the UK will definitely review this based on the facts. And the evidence because the UK will take its own interests very seriously,” Mr Zhang said.

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