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Attributes of a Dedicated Server in India at Affordable Prices

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A server is a foundation on which a website is built. Without a server, the website cannot be put online. Thus the importance is quite high and choosing the right server for your website is essential. Now, there are many different kinds of servers available that you can choose from to get the desired results. From the cheaply available shared server options to the highly expensive dedicated ones, there are endless options to choose from.

 A dedicated server is the kind where every part of the server is owned by you. This includes both the hardware elements and the software applications that are used to create the server. Since you own all parts of the servers, it becomes very easy to handle and manage such a server. Such a server is also highly expensive because of this reason. There are tremendous advantages of using a dedicated server in India but before going into that, you need to understand how to choose the best-dedicated server for your website. 

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How to Choose the Best Dedicated Server?

#1 RAM Capacity

The RAM capacity of your hardware determines how smoothly the functions are carried out. It is the Random Access Memory, the part of the memory which does not save any data but is accessed for the exchange of information. Clearly, the capabilities of 16 GB RAM to handle such information will be much higher compared to just 8 GB RAM. You need to assess how much your website is likely to handle regularly and fix the RAM based on that.

#2 Storage Capacity

The storage capacity refers to that aspect of the memory of your hardware wherein information and data is stored. This refers to all such information which is used to maintain and run the website and the relevant information that is collected from the website. Again, a higher storage capacity enables you to store more data but that needs to be optimized based on your requirements.

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#3 CPU Cores

The Central Processing Unit is the brain of your computer system and its power is determined by the number of cores. Nowadays 4 core CPU systems are very normal and more or less a requirement to maintain proper functioning of a system. There are higher options such as 8 cores and even 128 cores and you have to choose your CPU capacity based on how much load your system is likely to take when working.

#4 The Bandwidth of the System

Bandwidth is the speed at which data is transmitted. Higher bandwidth means a faster loading website which is more appreciable to your clients. The bandwidth determines how fancy and operational you can make your website. Lower bandwidth will work fine if you go for a simple website while higher bandwidth is required when it gets complex.

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#5 OS

The OS is the first software application in your system. It is the foundation for running or “operating” all other applications and functions. The choice of OS is very crucial because it determines the degree of configurability. Linux based OS is much easier to modify in the long run while Windows-based OS is much easier to use. The choice is yours to make.

Why Use a Dedicated Server?

 A dedicated server, as stated earlier, comes with a lot of advantages. You have direct access to all the factors mentioned above when going for a dedicated server. If you go for a shared server, you will have limited access to the software and no access to the hardware at all. This poses problems in the long run because you cannot configure, update, or modify your server depending on your needs. However, since you own every part of a dedicated server, it is very easy to make modifications and upgrade it from time to time.

 A very significant advantage of such ease of access comes in terms of security. Since you can update the server from time to time, a dedicated server provides you with the best security options. Regular updates keep your server fluid and make it difficult for malicious programs or hackers to attack it. You also get to use all your resources to the best possible extent unlike in a shared server, wherein the resources are shared among users and there is the unavailability of resources when most needed. These aspects make dedicated servers such an impressive choice when it comes to servers. You can tailor it to your requirements and use it however you want. There is no say from any other organization to limit your use of the resources or the server at large.  

Serverwala: Best Dedicated Server Provider in India 

 Serverwala is a trusted hosting service provider and provides some of the best hosting plans. They have been in effect since 2008 and have created quite a name for themselves. The team of IT professionals and experts that Serverwala boasts of are quite capable and provides some of the best managed dedicated server services. They are always available, 24 x 7, throughout the year to take care of all your needs and queries whenever you have any. 

 Serverwala has been so efficient in providing hosting services over the years that it has spread to more than 50 countries. They have strategically distributed their data centers in 5 different regions to give you seamless services and keep your website running smoothly. They have over 70,000 users throughout the world and are still counting. 


 A server is the building block on which your website is built and thus you need to be careful about the option you choose. A wrong option may cost you a lot of money. The wrong choice can be more than what you need and thus you have unnecessarily pay for resources you are not using. It may also be much less than what you need leading to potential downtime, which ultimately leads to loss of clients and customers and thus leading to loss of profit. Thus, choosing the right server plan is of utmost importance if you want your organization to make a mark over the online world. 


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