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How to Apply for a Passport Online in Kenya

by Damaris Wataka
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From 2015, the government of Kenya permanently shifted the passport applications from physical offices to the eCitizen portal. Now, in less than an hour, you can make the major part of your application at the comfort of your home. There are two main types of passports issued to Kenyan citizens. The normal passport and the diplomatic kind. For purposes of popularity, this post will focus on the normal passport. Here is a guide on how to apply for a passport in Kenya.

What to know before application

You might need at least 40 days between your passport application and your date of travel. You can apply way earlier if that is possible to avoid the last minute delays and frustrations.

Each type of passport has its own different charges. That includes a lost or mutilated passport. Here are the applicable fees for each:

32 Pages – Ksh 4550

48 Pages – Ksh 6050

64 Pages – Ksh 7550

Diplomatic Passport –Ksh 7550

Mutilated Passport – Ksh 10050

Lost Passport – Ksh 12050

All passport applications must be made in person, including the submission of your documents in the preferred immigration offices.

Requirements for passport application

  • Working internet connection
  • eCitizen account
  • Printer
  • Original birth certificate and copy
  • Original ID and copy
  • Recommender’s ID copy
  • Parent’s ID cards and copies. (Death certificates are also acceptable).
  • 3 current and clear passport photos
  • Money in your MPESA according the number of pages you want for your passport
  • Next of kin ID number
  • KRA pin.

Steps to follow

  1. Scan your ID, birth certificate, parent’s ID, and recommender’s ID and have them ready for upload. Please note that if you are a parent, you might have to upload the birth certificates (for minors) or ID copies of your children.
  2. Go to your computer browser and log into your eCitizen account.
  3. Search through the available options on the dashboard. Find the ‘Immigration Department’ box and click on the ‘get services’ button.
  4. Now click on the ‘Make application’ button and choose ‘Kenyan Passport’.
  5. Now select the type of application you want to carry out. In this case, choose ‘adult application form’.
  6. Now carefully fill in all the details. These will include your full names as shown on your ID, ID number, birth certificate serial number, physical address, age, gender, purpose for travel, copies of your parents ID’s and their details, next of kin ID number, and the immigration office you wish to submit the application. This is the step where you upload the scanned documents.
  7. After filling all the details, proceed to the payment part.
  8. Follow the steps provided and send the money to the PAYBILL number provided. Make sure you have enough money to cover the transaction in your MPESA.
  9. With a successful payment, eCitizen will direct you to a new page where you can download the filled passport forms and the invoice for the payment.
  10. You need to print three copies of this form and invoice.
  11. Attach the passport photos on the provided slot.
  12. Now take these copies and those of your ID, birth certificate, parent’s ID and recommender’s ID to the immigration office of your choice and wait for at least 10 days for a response.


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