How to Add to Your Music Collection using Technology


Music is arguably one of the most important features in life. It plays many roles in many civilizations. From lullabies, to entertainment, to passing down myths and tales, music has always played a crucial part in society. You previously had to attend a physical concert, have a record or cassette player, or more recently, a television set to enjoy music. Technology has however made it easier for music lovers to listen to their music at any time and from anywhere. With that ability, one would then require a good collection of music. Here is a list of ways to increase your music collection through technology.

Online stores

There are tens of online music stores available to you. All you need is a working internet connection and a credit or visa card. Online music stores give you the benefit of purchasing high quality music that you would otherwise not get from other channels. It also gives you the chance to purchase and gain access to rare music that may not be available in mainstream music platforms. Lastly, online music stores allow you to get full albums of music without the hustle of searching for each song separately, thus saving you time and energy. Moreover, you never have to worry about being a victim of frauds.

Music streaming platforms

Music streaming has become one of the most popular ways of collecting and listening to music. Sites like Spotify and SoundCloud allow its users to find music they like, make relevant playlists, and access them at anytime from anywhere. While some sites charge a small fee for this service, some are free. You just need to register an account and have internet access there on out. Just like music stores, music streaming sites may have rare music that is generally unavailable in mainstream platforms. The only difference is that you do not get to download the music into your phone or computer. You have to listen to them while logged into the site (for most).


YouTube is without a doubt one of the most online platforms of all times. This is because it allows for the posting and accessing of millions of diversified data. From music, to sermons, to comedy, to tutorials. YouTube opened a door to the world of entertainment that not many sites can match. It is therefore no wonder that most musicians, if not all, post their music videos on said platform for their fans to reach. This is actually the most popular platform for mainstream music. Although most of the music here is in video format, it is still a great way to find music that you like and create a playlist for them. All you need is internet access. YouTube recently added an offline feature that allows you to download and watch the music videos later.

Music exchange with friends

Perhaps the oldest and most basic trick in the book, music exchange is one of the ways to add to your music collection using technology. Whether you choose to use apps like Bluetooth and Xender or different avenues such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Technology has made sharing of data and files easier, including music.

Bottom line

If you are a music lover who is constantly searching for new music consider the above mentioned technology aided ways to do just that.