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Exploring the advantages of machine learning in the business industry

Machine learning algorithms are progressively integrated into business solutions, and so, the offspring of artificial intelligence is certainly grabbing the attention. Technologies powered by machine learning are quickly becoming part of our everyday lives.

Though the idea behind machine learning technology dates from the 50s, the concept has matured and lived up to the expectations just a decade ago. Many businesses and companies are turning to artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve their products and offers. If we struggled to name ten machine-learning-based business applications ten years ago, now we struggle to find ten that don’t use it. In the last year, many news outlets focused on technology and data science reported that Oracle applications will introduce machine learning capabilities in the sales department. What’s the reason behind this shift? The answer lays in the major impact machine learning has on the total customer experience. Here, we’ll discuss the technology behind machine learning and how it benefits the customer experience.

Company to client relations

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It becomes crucial for a business to store and analyse customer data for relationship management. To improve customer relations, companies have to incorporate machine learning systems that can process an enormous amount of customer data. This way, ML helps to get laser-sharp customer analytics of the complete buyer journey. From unveiling customer expectations and preferences to addressing the primary causes for account deletion-this technology helps companies to understand their audience better and take corrective measures to improve customer retention

Seamless customer support management

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Machine Learning offers efficient and faster customer support management. Neither of us is a fan of the process to be on hold for several minutes to talk or chat with a service executive. Using ML chatbots can help to reduce the waiting time as they respond instantly to queries. One thing that should be considered is that many of the most frequent queries can be easily resolved by the Chatbot’s response without human interference.

Many companies think that investing in a contact and support centre is a complex and expensive challenge. Now, with machine learning, they can improve their customer experience by teaching their software to learn from past experiences and data. This way, you can dramatically improve the customer experience at a very low cost.

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Personalised experience

The term personalisation got another definition after technology raised the bar for Personalised user experience. Personalisation becomes a necessity and by-default expectation rather than a luxury. We expect that companies will know exactly what their current or potential customer wants before the first interaction. This technology can detect tendencies and predict what clients will look for or require soon. If you like to listen to music, you probably do this through Spotify, and you know how good this service is in predicting. Spotify uses AI to arrange the data and highlight peculiar client trends on billboards around the world.

Undoubtedly, the advancements of technology are changing the concepts of work in a progressive and fast manner. Companies are striving to improve the customer cycle by learning more about their behaviour. Many corporations are already seeing the benefits of AI and Machine Learning. For example, Sephora provides customers with the ability to try-on makeup by using their image. Or take for example the gaming industry. If you are a fan of online slot games and played food-themed, funny games, the chances that the algorithm would suggest you check games like Sausage Party slot or Candyland are very big. These are only a few of the examples of how companies use this segment to improve their offers and customer retention.


In the future, customers will not only take into account the needs of their audience but also work ahead of the schedule, trying to anticipate the needs and tastes of customers, as well as the problems that might occur. If you can give your clients a personalised and secure experience it will significantly improve your brand visibility, perception, and rating. 

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Karani Nyamu
Karani Nyamuhttp://verveko.com/
Group CEO Verve, one of the leading Software and Systems integrators in East Africa.

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