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4 Tech Related Mistakes to Avoid in Your Relationship

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It is impossible to banish technology from adult human relationships. Even with discipline and commitment, technology will still feature significantly in most, if not all human lives. That said, one can control the amount of influence technology has on their relationship by setting healthy boundaries and limits pertaining to usage. Technology can help build or destroy human connection. Here are some tech related mistakes to avoid in your relationship.

Not limiting screen time

For any healthy relationship, there has to be constant and intentional communication. That means putting away all distractions that might interrupt the communication process. People often lose themselves in their screens while watching videos, reading eBooks, engaging in social media or just playing games. As such, you will easily find two people having dinner together but none of them mentally in the experience. We get too engrossed in what is happening in our screens we forget to live in the moment. For a healthy relationship therefore, it is important to set screen time limits. Set aside times or days where you completely unplug and catch up face to face. This increases levels of intimacy thus strengthening the bonds.

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Communicating behind screens

As much technology allowed us to communicate with people at all times despite their actual locations or time, it also made miscommunication rampant. People find it easier to send a text or email instead of making a call and communicating directly. Even those that make the call prefer it to an in-person interaction. When in a relationship, always choose to communicate with your partner one on one. This allows for respect, intimacy and realness that technology may not provide. Do not argue out your differences on social media, neither should you express your love virtually but never in person. All human beings require physical and tangible affection so avoid running your relationship through screens.

Oversharing personal information online

While it is hard to contain yourself when in love, try to control the things you post online. Avoid putting out personal and private matters on social media as well as oversharing your every experience together online. Oversharing force you to keep up with the appearances even when things are not so good, which can cause a strain on your relationship. Moreover, not everyone in your online spaces is happy for you. People can easily get jealous of your relationship and deliberately cause problems for you.

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Comparing your relationship with that of others

With platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, people easily flaunt their lives and relationships online. From celebrities to friends. While it is okay to support them as they do this, never try to compare your relationship with theirs. Do not put pressure on your partner to act, dress, speak, and do things that you see other people doing on social media. Remember that online life is virtual and easily faked. Real life however is not always happy and cheerful as we often present it in online spaces. Be happy and content with what you have and choose to grow at together at your own pace.

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