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Best Android Screen Recording Apps

A bunch of different features have been introduced in Android over years but one feature that really hasn't made it a native screen recorder yet. A lot of people are looking for third party screen recording apps on Android because they want higher resolution support, annotation features, front camera support, better ...

How Technology can be Useful during Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a nerve-wrecking ordeal especially for first time mothers. Common struggles they go through include anxiety, feeling alone, having many questions, and wondering whether anything they do is okay for the baby. While it is vital to keep up with pre-natal hospital visits, there are ways in which ...

How to avoid getting Catfished Online

Technology has allowed for great strides especially in human socialization. Now, in a few button clicks or screen swipes, you can make a new friend. People no longer have to remain limited to the social circles and environments around them. However, this wonderful aspect of getting to know new people ...

How to Deal with Cyberbullying

Technology presented us with easy ways of communication. From emails, to instant text messaging, and even social media platforms. Now, people can openly state their opinions and share them with the world without any restriction. This is thanks to the universal human right to freedom of speech and expression. With ...

How to Use Technology to Enjoy Your Weekend

The weekend is yet upon us. Although the quarantine has made most days similar, some people continue with their normal weeklong schedules. That means that they look forward to the weekend to relax and enjoy themselves. Depending on your interests and type of personality, you can engage in a number ...

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