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How to Keep Your Bills Updated using Technology

by Damaris Wataka
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Bills come in many forms and amounts to different individuals. Some people have food and rent only to worry about, while others have car payments, school fees, subscriptions, etc. The payment frequency for each bill also varies from one individual to the next. Having your bills updated at all times can greatly help you with money management and staying out of debt. With the help of technology, you can always have your bills paid on time to avoid any future financial inconveniences. Here are a few ways how.

Keeping a list of bills and reminders

If you lead a fast and busy life, chances are you may easily forget to get your bills on time. Time seems to go by so fast that you do not notice when due date comes around. To rectify this, you can try to use your phone or computer to keep a list of all bills, their due dates, and reminders for each. Try to keep these reminders at least one week ahead of due dates so that you have enough time to get the money and pay. Also, make sure to keep the reminders, from most to least urgent so that you can sort the ones that need instant attention first.

Use mobile payment methods

Thanks to various technological innovations, one no longer needs to go to the bank or other applicable offices and make long tiresome queues. Now, most institutions have embraced mobile payments, which eases traffic on their side, and provides great convenience for you, the customer. Mobile payment helps you keep your bills in check even when you are not physically available. Whether you are on a work trip, or otherwise disposed, you can ensure everything keeps running smoothly. Some of the bills you can pay via your phone in Kenya include electricity bills, TV subscriptions, water bills, rent, NHIF, etc.

Get new and adjust existing subscriptions

If you have subscriptions to services like movie streaming sites, or home Wi-Fi, then you have an existing system of payment depending on the period of time you chose. With technology, you can easily change these subscriptions. If for example, your current subscription to internet bundles does not last as long as you would like, consider adjusting it to something with longer days or more internet bundles. On the other hand, you can also get new subscriptions to services that you have not used before just to get a feel of it. By doing so, you decide how your budget will look like the next time you pay your bills.

Request for mobile loans

Sometimes you may find yourself completely out of cash. This can be especially hard when bills are due and you have no way to pay them on your own. The only option you may have is to get a quick loan. In case friends and family cannot help you out, you always have the option of requesting for a mobile loan. In Kenya, there are several institutions such as Tala, which give out loans to its users at an interest. All you have to do is download their app on your phone, give out the necessary details, and you can get an instant cash loan of up to Ksh.10, 000. The only downside to this may be the short payback period. However, the instant loan comes in handy especially when you need the money urgently.

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