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Why Is Waste Management Becoming A Big Business?

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According to investment experts, investment in waste management stock looks like a good opportunity today. You would be surprised to know the stocks of a leading waste management company like Macquarie Infrastructure Partners may skyrocket 68% in the last two years while stocks of leading electronic major companies like Apple Inc. which is always surrounded by hype, grew 78%.

Why Is Waste Management Business Crucial for Our Economy?

Recycling and trash have become integral parts of the modern way of living. It is expected to stay this way for many more years to come. The Waste Removal Sydney waste management business might not invoke interest like technology companies, but investors know these companies are an essential part of our economy. 

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The growth in the shares of waste management companies comes as a surprise to many as these companies are not involved in making innovative products. Instead, the company is involved in processing waste generated by companies producing hi-tech gadgets. 

Every country generated tons of garbage on a daily basis. It includes organic and inorganic waste. Segregation of the trash before disposal is not a layman task. The waste management companies used advanced methodologies to do this work effortlessly. 

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Taking the waste and converting it into a usable product is good for our environment. As the world population rises, the garbage generated will also increase. It provides a golden opportunity for venturing into waste management, which assures good revenue generation due to higher demand. Besides generating revenue, waste management also brings positive outcomes for society, which is looked at as an added advantage. 

Waste Management Industry Highlights

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Do you know the Macquarie Infrastructure Partners sold their waste management company for a record $1.2 billion? There is no doubt waste management companies are getting so much importance in today’s world Like skip bins sydney .

The waste management sector in the United States is huge. The country generates around 250 million tons of residential trash and garbage every year.The figure mentioned here only includes half of the non-hazardous trash generated by the US. Industrial waste accounts for 45% of the non-hazardous waste, thereby pushing the $52 billion waste management industry to process half a billion tons of waste each year. The garbage generated will also increase. For individuals to be able to make a good contribution to the environment is to educate themselves about waste management, and the ewmdumpster footprint is a good model to after. It provides a golden opportunity for venturing into waste management–

Rise of Waste Management Businesses

WCA Waste Corporation

If you look at the portfolio of WCA Waste Corporation listed for sale by Macquarie infrastructure partners, you can see the company expanded its focus in bringing in sustainability measures like introducing CNG powered vehicles in the fleet. The company also sought initiatives in leachate management or ground contamination. 

The company provided waste collection, disposal, recycling, and transfer services across 11 states in the South of the US. The company went private and strategically sold several non-core assets while completing more than 35 acquisitions significant for its core business of waste management.

WCA is one of the leading waste management companies in the US, serving more than 700,000 customers. The company gained popularity for offering safer, efficient, and environmentally sustainable solutions to its customers.

GFL Environmental

GFL Environmental is a leading waste management company based in Canada. The company went public in Toronto and New York. However,  the lack of investor enthusiasm led to the re-pricing of IPO below the initial target range. Despite a slump beginning at the stock market, the company went ahead to post record second-quarter revenues. GFL was able to achieve this growth despite a decline in commercial waste collection in the period of Covid-19 lockdown. 

The company announced the acquisition of a waste management company serving ten states in the US. GFL was able to clinch the deal from the two biggest competitors in the US market – Advanced Disposal Services and Waste Management.

To sum up, the sale of WCA for a record $1.2 billion indicates the importance of waste management companies in our economy. The deal has invoked the interests of investors towards a new portfolio that was ignored until now. 

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