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How To Play Music In Your Car Using Your Phone

by Vanessa Waithera
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how to use your phone to play music in the car

How do you play music in your car using your phone?

Whether you are using an android or iOS phone, there are a few ways you can play music from phone to car. In this article, we are going to show you how to play music from phone to car. You will learn how to connect your phone to an old car to play your favorite music and equally learn how to play music from the phone to a more up-to-date car.

1. FM Bluetooth Adapter

A very simple way to play music from your Android or iPhone to the stereo o your car is to utilize an FM Bluetooth Adapter. You can use this tip on all types of cars including an old car model that lacks an Aux-In port.

Configuring playing music from phone to car using this method differ depending on the type of phone you have. However, the standard is to plug these transmitters into your power socket and link your phone up to it through the Bluetooth functionality. When you finish configuring your phone top an FM station that is non-utilizable in your location, you can play the music on your phone using the stereo of your car. 

2. Utilize an app

Are you looking for how to play music from phone to a car that has hands-free Bluetooth call functionality without an option to play music through Bluetooth? This is your best option. A lot of old-modeled cars come with a hands-free calling feature.

You can navigate around this by utilizing an app that makes it seem you are making a call. It is a cost-effective method that doesn’t need any FM Bluetooth Adapter.

3. Bluetooth audio

Bluetooth audio is a convenient way as well. It works fine even without a supplementary phone jack. Recent car models all come with inbuilt Bluetooth. If you have one all you need to do is link your device to your vehicle’s Bluetooth just as you’d do with other devices. When you are done, you can play music from any app of your choice. 

Some cars will allow you to control the music and watch the display of the music you are playing. As soon as you pay your device, it will routinely connect with your car for real-time streaming. 

4. Auxiliary Cord And Ports

Many contemporary builds of cars come with a 3.5mm auxiliary jack. This can either be structured into the stereo unit or beneath it. Doing this helps you to connect the cable from your phone’s headphone port straight into your stereo. Once connected, you can start to play any music you like on your phone from there. Auxiliary audio produces a better sound quality compared to the cassette and FM transmitters. 

5. Cassette Adapter

The cassette adapter is a clever way to play music from the phone to an old model of car. If your car comes with a cassette slot, the Bluetooth Cassette Adapter will serve as a wireless connection.

Use the cassette adapter if you can’t play music from phone to computer using the cigarette lighter and the power port is malfunctioning. You can also use it if you get a poor signal from the FM transmitter.

6. USB Input

The USB input is a more recent option. Many new models of cars currently feature a USB port. With these, you can charge your phone in your car without a standard a power socket adapter or use the USB flash drive or plug your phone directly to play music from phone to car. For cars that have USB ports, this is the best option to play music from the phone to the car stereo. 

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