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The Pillars Of Successful Link Building

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There are more than 200 million active websites and much more than 200 million registered domains in the world and not all of these websites are the same. 

The more and more website URL mentions you get from other websites, the better your search appearances will become. 

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It is not just Google that pays attention to backlinks. Other search engines also do. 

This article explains the pillars of successful link building and the science of link insertion service. Continue reading if you want to raise your rankings on search engine result pages such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

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Create audience-focused, linkable assets

The rule of thumb is; create content for your audience, not for search engines. In other words, create content for the readers and optimize it for a search engine such as Google. 

Unfortunately, most people create content just to post something on their website. Only a small number of people are fully focused on quality when it comes to creating writing content.  

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First of all, when you plan to write on a topic, you should do detailed research on that topic. Secondly, do check the top pages that appear against a keyword that you are targeting. 

Identify relevant, valued and trusted sites for links

To make a difference, you can consider following the tips mentioned below: 

Relevance. The page you link to must has similarity with the URL you have posted on that page. It is not necessary to keep the anchor text similar as your keyword.  

Value for users. The page you intend to link to must be valuable for users. At the same time, it should not be misleading, misguiding and it must not spam in any way. 

Trust and authority. Always check the trust level and authority level of the website you want to link in. the website you want to link should not have a high spam score as well. 

Tools and metrics. Some online paid and free tools can make your backlinking work much easier. For example, you can consider using Moz’s Domain Authority,  Ahref’s Domain Rating, and Majestic’s Trust Flow and Citation Flow. 

Vet every site. Thoroughly investigate each site you want a backlink from because not every website is work linking to. Some websites can lower your search engine result page rankings when you link to them. 

Get creative with your link building outreach

Someone wise once said; sites do not like, people do. Mean to say, there are people behind every step of the link building process. Before building links to a website, try to make a partnership with the people that run that website. 

Write an email to start your conversation about possible partnership opportunities. If you have a creative way of reaching out to people of interest, you can get links. keep an eye on the comments people occasionally write on your website. 

Keep the momentum after the link

Getting a link from a great website is indeed an achievement but you need to have an eye on your links. Some websites make changes to website pages that link to your website and you may get hurt due to it. As a link builder, you need to keep track of the links you have acquired. You can contact the website administrator if, due to some reason, your links have been removed from a website page or post. 

Where to Start Back Linking? 

Do not know how to do backlinking or do not have time to do backlinking? Not an issue. You can contact link building services if you want to get quality backlinks to boost your search rankings. You have read how useful backlink creation methods can help you boost your website’s search engine rankings. 

If you are a business that is battling with rivals on search engine result pages, you have got to try these link building methods discussed above. In the end, we can say that link building can make or break your website. 

Make sure you do not link to the spammy website because it can hurt your SEO rankings. Before you make your mind to obtain one or more links from a website, make sure you check that website’s spam score. The lower the spam score, the better. 

Run to the rescue with extraordinary quality and backlinks will follow

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