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Best SEO Practices for Website Redesign and Migration

Change is constant in the digital world and if you’re a website owner, there’s a large chance that you will need to redesign your website or migrate.

It is important to follow healthy SEO practices if you want your website to continue doing well.

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Here are some of the best SEO practices for website redesign and migration. Also, meet these guys, they are the best WordPress development company I have known.

Your Team

Depending on the size of your website, you might not be able to get it done yourself. The first and most important step is preparing your team.

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Only work with competent people. They might be slightly expensive but that is much better than losing traffic. Remember that while it might take two seconds to get a job done, it might have taken years to acquire the knowledge to do so.

If you will be doing significant work on the site, be sure to read more in order to prepare for difficulties especially if you’ve never redesigned or migrated a site before.

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Keyword Research

Your entire restructuring should not start if you haven’t conducted keyword research. Keywords research will help you make sure that the value of your content stays the same (at worst) or even improves.

With this done, you should be able to improve your content by incorporating quality keywords in the right places to help with the growth of your site.

However, be sure to remember that when dealing with keywords, one cannot rush the process. Decide what you plan on doing even before work needs to start.

Website Structure

A lot of things make up the structure of your website. Some of these things are the names of the web page files, folder structures, and even where everything is placed.

Before the process starts, it is important to decide what will happen to your website’s structure. Some of your files will have to be renamed and some will not. In fact, the way you direct traffic to various pages is very important.

All these must be preplanned and decided beforehand.


Content is the heart and soul of your site. It is the reason people visit it. If you are making changes to your site, it might be time to check out your content.

First off, if they aren’t backed up, you will want to do that. Secondly, you have to decide if you want to reuse that content as it is or if you want to improve on it.

If you choose to improve, this is your time to make use of your SEO tools. Check out where your content ranks and how to improve it.

You might also want to design content simply to explain the new changes so that you do not lose visitors. It is also important that you check out your meta information so you can fully optimize your tags.

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