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Habits That Will Boost Your Blackjack Winnings

Blackjack is the casino game where players have a fair chance of winning the game against the house. It’s possible because blackjack depends on strategy and probability instead of just luck. The win or loss depends on a careful evaluation of different options, and this is the exact reason why many gamblers have earned millions and millions. 

However, the question is, how did they do it?

Here you will see the most effective techniques and habits for winning at blackjack, whether online or offline. 

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Let’s analyze the habits of gamblers who have made millions with blackjack. 

1- Find Tables Where the Stakes Suit Your Bankroll Needs

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Online and land-based casinos both offer high and low stakes games. You should decide which stakes you should be playing and when. Your bankroll and bets should be in proper proportions to each other to survive the streaks and win the maximum amount.  

For a novice player, it is best to start with low stakes that suit your bankroll. 

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In a land-based casino, you can play blackjack with a minimum of $5 bets. You might find a few crypto casinos that allow you to bet US$0.01, but mostly it tends to start around US$1. 

2- Split Your Aces and Eights

The basic strategy of blackjack is splitting aces and eights. The objective of a player playing blackjack is to defeat the dealer by obtaining a total close to 21 without accumulating a total that exceeds this number. 

A pair of aces is problematic as it gives the blackjack player a starting hand value of either a 2 or 12. Hence, splitting aces is favorable and gives two chances to hit 21. 

Similarly, a pair of eights, which is a total of 16, is a troublesome hand. Sixteen of the other 50 cards have a value of 10, and four have a value of 11. Thus, there is a strong chance of getting at least an 18 with split cards. A hand, which has a total of 18 or 19, is much stronger than having a 16. Splitting eights limit one’s losses and improve one’s hand. 

3- Pick a Table That Offers the Double down Option

Doubling down is one of the best options in blackjack. It allows the player to add another bet to the table to receive a single card. Doubling down improves the overall win rate.

It is helpful when the player has a strong chance of hitting a total of 21 exactly or close to it. It gives the player a chance to maximize the return when the dealer is weak. 

4- Have a Strategy in Place 

Players should know the basic and right strategy to hit, stand, split, and double down their hands. You should have a good strategy in place. Signal a stand when your hand is 12-16, and the dealer has 2 to 6. You should signal a hit when your hand is 12 to 16, and the dealer has 7-ace. As mentioned above, always split aces and eights. Double 11 versus the dealer’s 2-10 and hit or double aces-6. 

Whether you play land-based or online blackjack, make sure to memorize the basic strategy to minimize the house edge to less than 1%. 

5- Soft-Hand Blackjack Strategies

Soft-hand blackjack is the one that contains an ace counted as 11. An ace is counted as either 11 or one. Your strategy should be to count an ace as 11 as long as your hand totals 21 or less. When you draw a card, and the total exceeds 21, then count an ace as one. 

You should understand the basic rules and strategies for soft-hands. When you have soft 13 or 4, then double against the dealer’s 5 or 6, otherwise hit. If you have a hand of soft 15 or 16, then double if the dealer shows 4-6. 

On a hand of soft 17, double against the dealer’s 3-6, otherwise hit. In case of soft 18, double if the dealer shows 3-6 and stand against the dealer 2-8. You should hit a soft 18 only when the dealer shows 9, 10, or an ace. On a hand of soft 19-21, always stand. 

6- Counting Cards

Card counting decreases a casino’s house edge by keeping a running tally of all high and low valued cards seen by the player. When the count minimizes losses during an unfavorable count, it allows players to bet more with less risk.

Card counting also provides the ability to the player to alter playing decisions based on the composition of remaining cards. A relatively higher true count implies a higher player win rate. 

Final Thoughts

Blackjack is a card game where the player tries to beat the dealer. But, it is difficult to beat the dealer until you make the right strategy to achieve the best odds. 

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