The five technological trends of 2020


A lot is happening in a decade. And technology is changing rapidly. The biggest technological steps are also expected for this year. This is what awaits us this year.

The arrival of 5G

5G is expected to really take off this year. This means that there are fewer and fewer delays. From downloading movies while you blink to sharing large files super fast. And perhaps the coolest development, 5G makes remote operation possible.

Before the arrival of 5G, fiber is first needed. The fast internet goes via a fiber optic cable to a 5G mast and only travels the last bit through the air to the receiver. Hire laptops for professional usage for small projects with big teams.Scale your small project on 5G with the newest laptop brands. 

Near Field Communication (NFC)

The prediction is that NFC will also get bigger this year. NFC ensures that you can pay contactless. But this will also play an increasingly important role during, for example, boarding at the airport or when providing information about products in the supermarket thanks to an NFC chip.

Virtual customer experience

Walmart is working on a virtual showroom, here you can shop with VR glasses. The items are then sent to your home. This will make a big difference in terms of costs to keep gigantic stores running. Ikea is also busy changing the in-store experience.

Predictions also say it’s only a matter of time before you can try on clothes at home with VR. No fitting rooms, no worries about whether the color suits you.

Digital education is getting bigger

Study when you want, where you want. Students can determine their own pace, which ensures independence and teachers have more time and personal attention for the students.Rent an iPad for a presentation, congress, exhibition or other projects? You can use our iPad rental for any business occasion. Whether you want to rent 1 or 100 iPad,