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Turning Passion Into A Money Making Venture.

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Mr. Stephen Kabungo, the owner of Ilani Concepts an IT firm based in Nairobi Kenya, takes pride of their entire portfolio which is designed in-house and draws on its extensive experience. Thriving on brilliant ideas and a variety of skills, They are able to successfully transform brands by combining smarter strategies with fresh creativity.

Their team is comprised of four disciplines – Strategy, Design, Technology and Production. Which works on an engagement from the beginning to the end. By bringing all of their knowledge to bear from the onset of a relationship, They arrive at innovative and actionable solutions. Concentrating in offering solutions in Branding & Identity, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Mobile Applications, Graphic Design, Copy Writing, Advertising, Professional Printing and last being Chat Bot Development.

I’m sure so many individuals who are passionate about technology would be impressed to learn about your journey, How small did you start and how fast did your business grow?

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We registered in 2009 and official operations commenced in 2010. I started really small. A bedsitter which doubled as both the office and where I lived. I faced a lot of challenges,The biggest being getting clients due to lack of financial capital to do my advertising but the business later picked after 3 years that is in 2013.
I already had intellectual capital. (Many times people do not realize that when starting a business, one has to have either intellectual capital or financial capital and in other cases you need both).

Why did you choose to venture in technology?

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I choose technology because of passion. Also it’s a dynamic industry which makes you evolve your skills and knowledge.

What online resources do you use to help make your work easier?

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I do a lot of research via Google, Youtube and Udemy.

From where you started, what makes you stand out as a company compared to your competitors?

Am quite versatile and dynamic. Any new technology i’m hands-on to learn and perfect in it.

Do you think further technology advances will impact your job? If yes, in what way?

Interestingly it makes works easier. Case scenario the use of augmented reality (AR) has helped to assist our clients in the beauty and cosmetics industry to visualize their products easily to their customers. Used to be difficult explaining to a client how a product will appear. Also no one knew that one day you will use WhatsApp for your banking transactions. This is one of the services we offer.

How do you keep your technology skills current?

Always doing research and learning about any new technology that I deem fit for the organization.

For someone who has passion to venture into technology business, what 3 things would you advise before starting up?

⦁ Identify a niche market if it’s not there create one.
⦁ Patience and Perseverance is key.
⦁ Have one skill that you are good at and perfect it.

5 years from now, what do you think would’ve changed positively about Ilani concepts?

Being the preferred digital solutions provider not only regionally but globally.

What would you advise first time clients when it comes to purchasing goods and services in technology companies?

If it’s too cheap, take time. Quality comes at a price.

Any expansion plans either locally, regionally or internationally?

Yes, regionally for now. Ethiopia, Zambia, South Africa and Ghana.

What do you think the Kenyan government can do to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship among the youth?

The best way the government can encourage innovation is through supporting and appreciating various ideas fronted by the youth in different sectors. Also ensure ease of access of business capital, training and workshops at the grassroots level.

Ilani Concepts have also won several awards as linked;

For digital solutions reach Stephen Kabungo on;

Official Website:
Email address: [email protected]
Tel: +254 722352843/ 0752399477

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