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The best part of life is student life, where while stressing upon passing semesters, students seek fun and adventure. Students look for a place where they can get quality education along with a perfect spot to party every night. This seems like an ideal place, and you must be wondering these kinds of places only exist in movies. Well, to your surprise, Melbourne is the perfect place for you.

If you are planning to move in, then opt for Melbourne. Let us walk you through the park and answer your queries while presenting facts—that why Melbourne is the best city to live in.


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Do you know Melbourne is the home of the rich and world’s best universities? Each of these universities offers multiple programs to study, such as business management, psychology, IT, engineering, medicines, etc. all sorts of programs, undergrad, post-grad, Ph.D., MPhil, etc. are offered. They have amazing scholarship plans for international students, and most of them provide employment on campus, isn’t it great?


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Melbourne is an attractive city where thousands of entrepreneurs have started their small businesses. Many kinds of research centers have considered this place as the heart of research operations. There are tons of employment opportunities for students and young people who can work part-time, inflexible timings, and be paid hourly. Universities are also affiliated with top tiers industries that offer an internship, flagship to all students.

3.     NIGHTLIFE: 

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Melbourne is known as a lively city; whose nightlife is incredible. Being a young adult, this might be an attractive point for you. There are multiple suburbs in Melbourne, such as St Kilda, which is an incredible place to live as their walking streets are legit die for. They have a rich culture, safe neighborhood, and good adventure spots for young people. So, if you’re into nightlife, parties, and thinking to move to St Kilda. You won’t regret it.


Yes, you read it right. Melbourne offers trams, trains, cycles, and buses for the public, and it is very cheap and affordable for students. Other than Melbourne is so safe, and the climate is pleasing, one can always walk. Hiring a private car or taxis can be a bit expensive but when there is cheap and safe transportation, then why opt for something expensive?

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