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5 Ways to Use Technology for Quality Time with Family

Most of us admit that advanced technology can be the worst thing for a family. Things like texting at the dining table and scrolling through social feeds while parents are trying to talk can kill time that you should spend with your family members by leaving anything else behind. These are the ways technology has detached us from spending quality and face to face time instead of maintaining a raw human connection with each other.  

But it is also a fact that technology helps you spend quality time with family if used the right way. It can be used in wonderful ways to strengthen the personal connection with your family members and other special persons. 

Below are 5 ways to use technology for quality time with family and friends.

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Long-Distance Chat Apps for Greater Communication

Many of us don’t have the pleasure of living close to our loved ones,dueto business tasks or some personal reasons. Fortunately, we live in the digital era of life where a lot of long-distance chat apps and communication solutions are out there that can be used to stay connected with families 24/7. By using the latest apps empowering us for text chat, and audio/video calls, we can stay in touch with anyone anywhere just by using an internet-connected mobile device like a smartphone or laptop, etc. It allows them to feel the delight to be able to communicate without loved ones especially during special days like the holiday season, New Year’s Eve, birthdays, and anniversaries. 

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Don’t Be Late for a Special Family Event or Dinner

Not knowing when someone special will be home is one of the frustrating things when there are some special arrangements to celebrate a big day or have a special dinner together. Mobile apps like Google Maps, Blackberry Traffic, and WhatsApp, can help us consider traffic patterns, and selection of the fastest route to calculate the accurate arrival time and inform family members at home to arrange things accordingly. Knowing the accurate arrival time reduce the frustration of family waiting for you at home and make them happy. 

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Freedom to Select Favorite Shows and Movies

Gone are the days when we were bound to watch what is being played on TV. Most of us just don’t want to watch what happened to be on TV at the time. It is the place where investing in a quality streaming device allows you to spend quality time with your family while watching the shows, movies, or music you really love to enjoy with your family. Such devices often come with free subscription to a variety of online streaming sites that help you choose what exactly you want to watch on TV. It helps you prevent mindless viewing experiences and make the family time more pleasing.

Outdoor Movie Theater

Watching your favorite movie with your family outside is one of the awesome feelings. Whether you are out for a family camping trip or exploring the wonderful natural areas of your town/country and want to watch a movie, advanced technology makes it easily possible for you. There is a wide variety of projectors available in the market that can easily be attached to smartphones. All you need is a big white cloth, a movie on your smartphone, and a mobile projector to enjoy an outdoor movie theater with your family. 

Positive Development

The screen time kids usually spend on playing games or watching interesting things, is usually considered by parents as mindless screen time. But it actually can contribute to kids’ mental health and social development greatly. As most of the mobile games require quick manual handiness, it can effectively increase your child’s hand, eye, and mental coordination to make him/her stand out among fellows. Watching information and interesting YouTube videos could be a great way to enhance general knowledge and information they may need to secure higher grades in school. Virtual libraries and e-books are also a great source of required knowledge and learning materials even without spending a lot of books on textbooks and notes. It also allows your child to learn basic skills, problem-solving, effective planning, and critical thinking for greater academic and day-to-day life success.All these things are advantageous to make your little one more prepared for school. 

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