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Bolt Will Now Be Performing Background Checks On Drivers Using DCI

by Vanessa Waithera
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Bolt will be performing background checks on driver using DCI before hiring them.

In the past there have been stories of reckless and rude from bolt drivers. Before drivers are hired they always do their own check however they have never engaged the Directorate of Criminal investigations (DCI) who are quite thorough in what they do.

Prove to have no criminal record.

Although the company has had their own vetting process in the past they will now ask drivers to present a valid driver’s license and a police clearance certificate of good conduct. Other documents include vehicle registration and proof of insurance.

Improving security.

The company has been accused before for not taking security seriously but now they seem to be doing a lot more to ensure that people are safe. For example, you can now share your ETA with whoever you’d like to share with then they can easily monitor your live trip details just in case of anything.

Bolt country manager Ola Akinussi said:

“To further bolster ride safety, Bolt has also strengthened its drivers screening processes and is closely monitoring drivers for criminal offences in real-time, conducting a periodic inspection of their vehicles and also providing them with safety training on how to recognise, avoid, or calm potentially violent situations,”

The app also has a SOS emergency button that has been upgraded and now has an emergency tracking device and auto location trailing feature. This new feature will also help in keeping the drivers safe keeping in mind that they may also be put in grave danger at any time.

Mr. Akinnusi added:

“We’ve up-scaled our safety features and policies guidelines on our platform that are easily accessible from the app’s home screen such as the driver and rider SOS button, giving drivers and riders a quick way to contact first responders in the event that something goes wrong during a Bolt trip,”

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