Nigerian based drone startup, Airsmat, joins Nvidia Inception


Airsmat is a Nigerian startup that uses drones and satellite data in conjunction with AI to help farmers identify problems in their farm before they affect the yield in a planting season. Today, they joined Nvidia Inception, a program that nurtures startups involved with AI and data sciences.

Airsmat is starting out with farming, they plan to venture into other areas later. At the moment, their goal is to ensure food security in Nigeria and the African continent by helping farmers and farm owners to access useful intelligence that helps them take proactive steps to solve problems on their farms before the harvest season.

The partnership is key to achieve their goal, Nvidia Inception gives startups access to exclusive events, co – marketing support and technical guidance on GPU accelerated tools, platforms and hardware. Moreover, Nvidia will give Airsmat opportunities to work together with other industry leading experts and organizations in the AI sector.

“Being part of NVIDIA accelerator program is a major milestone in our journey to build a world-class pan-Africa AI-driven business” AirSmat CTO, Adeoluwa Ibikunle reiterated.

According to the CTO, “AirSmat’s simple goal is – Using AI, we save farmers and farm owners valuable time and resources in identifying problems on their farms before these affect the yield of the planting season; being part of NVDIA accelerator program is the best thing that has happened to AirSmat as it will help us to achieve this goal with precision.”