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Review of Several Light and Thin Laptops

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On the issue of choosing laptops, most consumers are less professional. This faces a question. How should we choose the laptops that we will use for a few years? In this era when laptops abound, it is not easy to buy a suitable computer. 
2020-11-16 11:38:29.069000

At present, laptops are divided into two categories: light laptops and game laptops. Game laptops are aimed at some special groups. Its configuration performance is good. This is to meet the normal loading and running of some large games. The performance configuration is sufficient to meet the daily needs of ordinary users. This article aims at the current consumer. It is difficult to distinguish and choose the right laptop. So we make the following evaluation on some light and thin laptops. 

The first one of the review is DELL Inspiron 7000. The first feeling is that its appearance design is excellent. The size of 14 inches. It is with narrow borders. Consumers can choose from pink color matching. It’s a suitable choice for girls. In addition, its appearance on the screen shaft can be padded. This is unique. It can increase the air inlet efficiency of the bottom surface. It is beneficial to heat dissipation. It is beneficial to the placement of wrist angles during typing. The CPU is an Intel 8th generation i5 processor with 8G of running memory. The configuration is acceptable. However, during use, the fan was loud and the power key occasionally lost control. This is annoying. The cost performance is low.
2020-11-16 11:38:57.315000

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The second one is Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro13. It is equipped with AMD R5 and R7 processors. It is plus with 16G of operating memory and 512 solid-state drives. So it is enough for daily use. The 13-inch 16:10 full screen, the screen ratio as high as 90% and the 2.5 KQHG resolution show its excellent visual effect. In terms of endurance, there is no weakness. The endurance in daily work is about 8 hours. This is quite good. However, in the subsequent use, it did have some problems. For example, the frame dropping, jamming and fever. 

Finally, there is the MagicBook 14 review. In appearance, the camera of MagicBook 14 is a depressible hidden camera. Between F6 and F7, it pops up when pressed and retracts when pressed again. The original intention is to avoid the possibility of spying on users’ privacy. This is to reduce the screen border. In addition, its A side is redesigned. The edge is cut to show blue. The logo is blue. It makes it more fashionable. In terms of performance configuration, it can complete daily tasks. This is by using the new AMD Ryzen 5 4500U or AMD Ryzen 5 3500U mobile processor. The 65W battery and fast charging function are available. All these make its functions more perfect and specific. 

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The above is the review of these three light and thin laptops. I hope consumers can choose the products they like when making choices.

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