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Managing PPC Yourself Vs Using An Agency

There are both pros and cons to managing your PPC campaigns yourself and using an agency and different methods work for every business. It’s important that you take your time to weigh up both and to see what will get you the best results. 

So, what would work better for your business? Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of hiring in-house PPC management or a PPC agency, below. 

In-House PPC Management 

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The biggest and most obvious benefit of in-house PPC management is that your PPC manager is well-established with your business. Being part of your business enables them to acquire insights and understandings with ease. They’ll be in internal meetings and communications, allowing them to be more tuned into the strategic direction of the company. In turn, they may also have more commitment and loyalty to your business. 

However, this can be flipped on its head. In-house PPC management can also become very overloaded with responsibilities, thus resulting in them getting behind and not being able to get the best results for you. Plus, a lot of the time PPC managers are also in charge of email marketing, SEO and all things digital! Each of these areas alone require time in order to perform well, which can leave very little time for specialisation or development of expert knowledge. In-house PPC management can come with a cost; requiring additional headcount, lots of training and a long-term commitment. 

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Working With A PPC Agency 

Those working at a digital marketing agency, including PPC agencies, are experts in their field. They are excellent at managing and optimising accounts, because if they weren’t then they would lose a lot of business! Agencies tend to recognise the importance of expertise, so they usually prioritise learning. They have the benefit of learning from other people at the agency and other accounts. They are also less likely to suffer from tunnel vision and have a broader perspective on what they’re doing. 

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In addition to this, those at a PPC agency also have the advantage of preexisting relationships with other advertising platforms. This enables them to have early access to developing system functions. The cost of working with a PPC agency can also be an advantage; you don’t have to pay salaries, overhead costs or benefits. Typically, but depending on your contract terms, you also aren’t locked into a long-term relationship. 

There are, however, some cons to working with a PPC agency. Firstly, the communication between the agency and the client can be a problem sometimes. There are some clients that are in constant contact with their agency, who have regular calls, emails and face to face meetings. But, if contact is limited, then it can be difficult for agencies to get approval and work on the PPC campaign. In order for the relationship to work, both sides need to communicate effectively and clearly. This tends to mean that there will be one person from the agency that liaises with the client directly. 

The other problem with working with an agency is that if you choose the wrong one, then this can be detrimental to the business. If you leave everything to the agency to take care of and things don’t go to plan, you won’t have someone in-house to see the problem developing and sort it early enough. 

Are They Both An Option? 

We sometimes think so much about weighing up the two options with their pros and cons, that we don’t consider whether they would both be an option. There are pros and cons to both, but by combining the two you can have the positives from both! The weaks and strengths of your PPC management in-house and your PPC agency could outweigh each other. 

When it comes to PPC management, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Therefore, you don’t have to even limit yourself to these two options. However, with the right PPC manager in-house or by working alongside a strong PPC agency, you could see your results enhance in no time. 

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