Kenya Power Has Been Forced To Return A Breakdown In Prepaid Electricity


Kenya power has been forced to return a breakdown in prepaid electricity.

About a week ago I wrote about how KPLC stated that they would stop giving a breakdown for the tokens we buy. A number of Kenyans felt that this was a dishonest attempt and it was not received in open arms. In case you’re not aware every time you buy tokens you always get a breakdown of your bill and this has been how Kenyans have been able to know if KPLC is robbing them.

Why did they introduce this new rule in the first place?

Kenya power issued a random statement last week where they said that due to the complaints for the bill breakdown they would no longer be issuing the breakdown. Usually the charges would include monthly variable items like fuel and foreign exchange adjustments expenses. However, majority of Kenyans questioned why we didn’t use thermal electricity instead as they have other affordable options but they refuse to use the options given. Other cheaper options would be geothermal and hydro which would possible reduce our electricity bills significantly.

The reality is that Kenyans would need to see their electricity breakdown to be able to gauge how much they are spending in the first place.

Due to the pressure they received they’ve had no other option but to bring the breakdown back.