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Best Pixelmon Servers For 2021

The world of Minecraft mods is never-ending. There are several amazing mods available online for the game, and it is something that is increasing with time. From Harry Potter to Game of Thrones, we have all types of mods available for the game. In 2017, the modders for the game though of something cool, and that was making a mod for the Pokémon game, which was, of course, turned down by the company, but that didn’t stop the developers from creating their own version of Pokémon in the Minecraft game name as Pixelmon Minecraft. It is truly awesome, to say the least.

Pixelmon Minecraft is an online game and requires active servers to play. Today we will be talking about some of the best Pixelmon servers that give you the least latency and best features. Let’s get started.

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The first server on our list is the superpixel server, which is based in the US. This Pixelmon server has a great rating from the players, and its uptime rate is 100%, which means you would not have to worry about the server being crashed or being down. In terms of the number of players, it might be smaller than most others, but the developers working behind it truly experience to say the least.

Poke Mayhem

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The Poke Mayhem Pixelmon server is another great server for Pixelmon Minecraft with an amazing rating of 100%. The US-based server is significantly bigger than most other Pixelmon servers, with a capacity of 1000 people. Poke Mayhem is an excellent choice as a Pixelmon server.

Pixelmon Ultra

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Registered on the 3rd of June, 2020, the Pixelmon is a relatively younger server, but the same cannot be said about their services. The Pixelmon ultra is one of the top choices of professional Pixelmon Minecraft players. The “water” themed server has an uptime rating of 100%. The maximum no of players for this Pixelmon server 100.

Poke MC

Poke MC is one of the most fun servers when playing Pixelmon Minecraft. The Poke MC is a survival server that is currently running the Pixelmon Reforged 8.12. If you are a diehard Pixelmon Minecraft server, you know that this combination is special. One of the best features of the Poke MC is the custom maps, custom plugin, and several daily events. The number of players that can be accommodated by the Poke MC is 100.

Infinity MC

The Infinity MC is among the list of reputable Pixelmon servers. The server has an uptime of 100% and can hold a maximum of 200 players at a time. This server also runs the Pixelmon Reforged, which is another mod to the original Pixelmon Minecraft. The infinity MC features a lag-free environment. The best part about the Infinity MC is the custom side packs, which most Pixelmon servers don’t offer. The side mods are a way to increase the excitement of the game. The side mods can help lure more Pokémon’s, includes boosters and shiny spawn rates.

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Razor Craft Pixelmon

The razor craft Pixelmon is another great Pixelmon sever to consider if you are a Pixelmon Minecraft pro. Although the server can only host 75 players, there are plenty of other features such as regular giveaways, frequent events, and free ranks. When it comes to the server’s latency, we haven’t heard of any complaints so far.

Pixel Asia

Pixel Asia is one of the first Pixelmon servers made specifically for the Asian players. The Asian players faced higher latency; as a result, the gaming experience wasn’t all that great. However, now we hope to see some great Pixelmon Minecraft players emerge from Asia as well. Taking about the server itself, it has an uptime of 100% and a player capacity of 100. The Pixelmon server features cheap ranks, shiny starters, and also the latest Pixelmon reforge mods.

Play Pixel Valley

If you are looking for a place where you can test your Pixelmon Minecraft skills, or you are looking for one of the best online Pixelmon servers, then Play Pixel Valley has got you covered. This Pixelmon server offers amazing an amazing ranking system, custom quests, and a prize pool of tournaments. Coming to the server itself, there have been no reports of the server being sluggish. With a 100% uptime percentage, this sever is definitely recommended.

Valhalla Pixel

Valhalla Pixel is another server that is unfortunately not as good as the ones we have just gone through. The server once used to be one of the best, but has been neglected since then. In our list of Pixelmon servers that we have discussed so far, the Valhalla is the first that doesn’t have a 100% uptime. With a comparatively lower server time, you can expect a server crash with this Pixelmon server. Statistics show that the Valhalla has not been updated for the last 262958 minutes, which roughly estimated to 184 days. We would love to see this server get back on its knees once again and entertain the players with some of the best perks of Pixelmon Minecraft.

Universal Realm

At number 10, we have the universal realm Pixelmon server. The universal realm used to one of the most used servers to play Pixelmon Minecraft, but this isn’t the case anymore. The server uptime is less than any other we have discussed so far. With an uptime of 84.3%, the server crashing or not operating is pretty common. In fact, at the time of recording this video, the server is still offline. Apart from that, the Universal Realm does offer some amazing features.


The Pixelmon is one of the best Minecraft mods, and with the right server, it can provide a really great gaming experience. We recommend going to the server, which has the best benefits according to your needs.

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