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Learn Data Privacy, Data Protection Measures & Privacy Laws

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Data privacy is always important. When it comes to digitalized data that we share information on the internet, privacy becomes more important for us. Data privacy has paramount importance these days and is considered to be one of the hottest topics in the digital world. The companies and businesses possess millions of personal data about their customers that need to be kept private so that customers’ identification stays safe and protected. These data privacy processes and procedures are governed by various privacy and data protection measures.

With the growing importance of data privacy in organizations, businesses, and industries, there are specialized courses to learn about data privacy laws and data protection measures. Cyber Degree Hub is one such online source that brings useful information about data security and data privacy courses.

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What is Data Privacy?

Data privacy is a concept that deals with how a piece of information or data can be handled based on its relative importance. For example, you might not hesitate to share your name with an unknown person on the internet, but there is other information you might not share because of the loss of your personal privacy.  The organizations typically apply the concept of data privacy to the areas such as important personal information.  This personal information includes personal identifiable information (PII) and PHI that is personal health information.

The list of personal information includes Social Security numbers, financial data like bank details and credit card information, health and medical records, and other sensitive details. Data privacy or information privacy indicates the ability of an organization or individual to determine which of the data can be shared with third parties.

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Difference Between Data Privacy and Data Security

Data privacy and data security are two separate concepts. Data privacy covers areas like compliance with data protection laws and regulations. Data privacy stresses the need for how you collect, share, process, store or archive, and delete the data. Data security is the measures that are employed by an individual or organization to prevent unauthorized access by a third party. For a business, data privacy is more than the PII of its employees and customers and includes the information that helps the company to operate. Cyber degree hub brings course details about cyber security.

Major Aspects of Data Privacy

  • Legislations
  • Policies  
  • Best practice & compliances
  • Data Governance
  • 3rd Party contacts
  • Global Variations 

Major Aspects of Data Protection

  • Backup/ Restore
  • RAID &  Eraser Coding
  • Replication
  • Archiving
  • Physical Infrastructure
  • Data Retention

Major Aspects of Data Protection

  • Encryption
  • Threat Monitoring
  • Authentication
  • Access control
  • Breach access and recovery
  • Data loss prevention

Key Aspects of Learning Data Privacy

  • Basic Idea and Principles of Data Privacy
  • Data Privacy  Vs  Data Security
  • Data Privacy Laws, Acts and Timeline
  • Data Privacy Best Practices
  • Data Security & Insider Threat Detection
  • Data Privacy News and Resources

There are online or on-campus courses courses available for learning data protection, privacy laws, and data privacy measures. There is a need for professionals with privacy and data protection knowledge.  Cyber degree hub offers info about various bachelor’s, master’s, and online courses that can help individuals to develop the appropriate skills to understand and implement privacy and data protection measures.

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Best software for data privacy. 

The best software for data privacy is those which fulfil the need of both the internet security and privacy. These two concerns are different, and they need to be addressed through different sources. 

  • A VPN can help, you must search for the best VPN learn about the top short-listed VPN thebestvpn
  • An anti-malware software to protect your device. 
  • Password managers for the protection of data.
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