How to download YouTube videos on your computer, phone, or tablet

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  1. Just go to web browser at https:/ This approach should work with any web browser on a device, phone or tablet.
    1. Tap on the video that you would like to download. The video will start playing
    2. Copy the URL of that video. To do this the address is illuminated by clicking or tapping the web address at the top of your web browser. Now right-click the selected address (or tap-and-hold on a phone or tablet) to open the menu, and then click or tap Copy.
    3. Go to the web browser at https:/ This free website allows you to download YouTube audio and video files.
      1. The website is free but ad-supported. You can easily close them if you see pop-ups that prompt you to install something.
      2. On any YouTube download site, you can use this same technique. If you need help identifying a trustworthy site, search “YouTube download site,” then select one of the links on the Google search results page that appears highest.
    4. Paste the URL that has been copied.
      1. To do this, right-click the “Search or paste link here” bar (or tap-and-hold) and then choose Paste.
      2. Press Start. This is the pink button next to the URL. This refreshes the page.
    5. Click the Download button next to the format that you like.
      1. If you want to download a video, next to the appropriate file size and type, select one of the green Download links.
      2. Click the Audio tab to select one of the options in order to download only the audio.
      3. Go for a lower resolution if you want a smaller file.
      4. The options for quality differ per video. You may not be able to download it in HD if the video is very long.
    6. Save the audio or video to your device.
    7. Follow the on-screen instructions to save the file if the download doesn’t start automatically.