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How to Access and Remove Duplicate Files on Windows 10

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If you have problems with duplicate files, you may try deleting them from your computer. But you don’t have value memory to know how many duplicate files you have and where they’re on your computer.

Although you can use Windows File Explorer to sort your files by type/name/data changed, it will take a lot of time for you to select all the duplicate files. The easiest way to locate duplicate files is to use a third-party duplicate file finder.

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There are several duplicate file finders available. Here are some reliable options. You can pick one according to your preferences.

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder.

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Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is a free utility that can sort files by images, songs, videos, and other personal files and then delete the found duplicate files to free up disk space. You should go to the official Auslogics website to get this freeware.

You can see the following interface after you open it. This software will show you the drive on your computer.

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 (1) From the middle section of the software, you can pick the drive you want to search.

 (2) You can then choose Look for all file types or Look for all file types depending on your actual requirements.

 (3) Next, press the Search button to start scanning.

You can see the name, path, size and last changed date of each file on the scan result interface. You can also discover some advanced features such as Filter, Preview, Information, Header, etc. These features will help you locate the target duplicate files easily.

After choosing the duplicate files you want to remove, you can unfold the Delete Selected Files option to pick the delete form you want to use and then follow the rest of the wizards to delete the selected duplicate files.


SearchMyFiles is a small utility. You don’t even have to install it on your computer. After you download it to your device, you can unzip the folder and then press SearchMyFiles.exe to start this tool directly.

After you open this app, you can enter directly the Search Options interface where you can make a pick based on your own situation. Then you can remove duplicate files from the results of your search.

Ashisoft Duplicate File Finder

Ashisoft Duplicate File Finder has a free version that will search your computer’s drive to find duplicate files. But unless you upgrade to Pro Version, you can’t use it to remove duplicate files.

Now you can only try using the free version.

This app has the following basic guide. From the left list, you can pick the folders you want to scan, and then click START SEARCH to start the search.

You will see a simple scan report when the search process finishes. Then you need to make another option from the bottom menu: Keep Newest, Keep Oldest, and Let Me Select. Only pick one choice and you can see the results of a detailed search.

search report

You need to use Pro Version if you want to use this software to delete duplicate files.


CCleaner is a common tool, so there’s a high chance you’ve already installed it. CCleaner’s key feature is its junk file remover, which frees up space on your hard drive by deleting unnecessary temporary files, but it also has a range of other built-in tools, including a duplicate file finder.

If you own this program, you can use the Duplicate Finder function to find and delete duplicate files on your computer.

After opening CCleaner, you need to go to Tools > Duplicate Finder to pick the related options according to your actual situation, and then press Search to search for duplicate files on your computer.

When you get the results of your search, you can pick the duplicate files and remove them using this program. Note, you don’t want to uninstall Windows and program files.

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