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How to know a good smartphone in 2024

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In our world today, using smartphones has become a crucial aspect of our daily and everyday life. These days, smartphones have permeated every aspect of our lives. They are used as a means of communication, for taking photos, for cloud storage of data, for accessing the internet, and even as a power bank to recharge other smartphones.

You hardly ever go anywhere without seeing at least one person using a smartphone, even children and young adults alike. But it is never simple to choose a smartphone because there are so many different models on the market. Choosing the one that might best suit the specifications you have in mind is never easy.

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Before deciding on the specific type of smartphone we will be purchasing when the need arises, it is pertinent to take into account several factors.

These elements to put into serious consideration include:  

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Depending on how you use your smartphone and what you constantly use it for, the display’s size and resolution may vary.

There is no doubt that manufacturers place a lot of focus on the display of their smartphones—and for good reasons, as seen by the iPhone’s retina display and HTC’s Super LCD panels.

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When you switch on the phone, the display is the first thing you see. As a result, manufacturers are concerned about the quality of the screen in addition to its size. Display technology and resolution are two important elements that affect how well a display is made.

 A display between the sizes of 5.5 and 6 inches with full-HD or QHD resolution should be adequate for you if you frequently stream videos, edit images or videos, or download and watch movies.

Anything bigger than a 6-inch display makes the phone bulkier and more cumbersome to carry around.

The number of pixels in the screen is essentially the screen resolution. A TV or computer monitor has tiny individual squares that are visible if you get very near to them. Those “squares” are separate pixels. The clarity of a screen’s display increases with the number of pixels.

The phrase “retina display” refers to a screen with so many pixels that the human eye cannot perceive them. So you can see more on the screen with much more clarity and detail thanks to a high-definition display. Make sure the phone you are purchasing has a display with a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels or higher.

However, any smartphone with a 5-inch to 5.5-inch HD or full-HD display that you regularly use for email checking, messaging, and surfing social networking apps is ideal.

Battery Life

This function has more weight when choosing a smartphone. You essentially have what is sometimes referred to as BLA, or Battery Life Anxiety if you own an iPhone.

It occurs when you are continually searching for a wall outlet, laptop, or power bank to charge your phone. Your phone occasionally seems to run out of battery right when you need it most.

So, while shopping for a new phone, be sure to consider the battery’s capacity. Don’t settle for anything less than 3000mAH. Now that battery life is critically important, phone manufacturers are packing bigger batteries into their devices.

Typical phone batteries have a starting capacity of around 700mAh and a maximum capacity of 5,000mAh.


The OS and the pre-installed programs on a smartphone take up a significant portion of the device’s capacity.

A 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, or more truly does not come with the exact space specified. Choose 32GB of storage if you like to have fewer apps on your devices.

Users who wish to retain more applications can choose the 64GB or 128GB storage options. A 16GB model with microSD card capability is also available meaning its storage capacity can be extended.


Nowadays, the majority of smartphones include additional security measures like fingerprint or iris scanners. These are used as passwords to access particular files, documents, or apps in addition to locking and unlocking a phone.

Even a smartphone at the high end may be obtained with a fingerprint sensor, but iris scanners are still uncommon. Since most people now carry smartphones with personal information on them, it is advisable to get a smartphone with these added security features.


A smartphone’s build determines its durability. Metal and plastic construction make up the majority of the handset market.

Some even have glass-coated panels, but there are relatively few of those. It is advised to choose a metal or plastic-built smartphone if you are one of those people who drops their smartphones frequently but mistakenly. These metal and plastic-built ones can sustain drops from 2-3 feet, while glass-based handsets are sure to shatter.


A smartphone’s processing power varies from one device to another depending on several variables, including the Operating System version, user interface, bloatware, and more.

Smartphones with Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 or Snapdragon 820/821 should enable seamless multitasking for heavy users that frequently use apps in split screen mode, play demanding games, stream videos, and edit images, videos, and documents online.

Mobile devices featuring MediaTek processors will satisfy light users, who don’t do all this heavy-duty work with their phones.


It does not matter if the camera will be used to register nice and personal moments or may have a professional function. Choosing a good smartphone camera is one of the first things people consider before buying a new cell phone.

A decent camera should meet several criteria, including megapixels, pixel size, ISO levels, autofocus, and others. A casual photographer can choose a camera with a lower megapixel number and speed shots that are slightly slower as opposed to a photography enthusiast who must choose a greater megapixel number and the shot’s speed regardless of the light level.

Price of the smartphone

The price of the smartphone, which is the deciding factor for all the others, is last but not least. All the aforementioned requirements must be met by a new smartphone, together with a reasonable price, depending on your budget.

Finding the appropriate device is difficult and takes time, but it is worthwhile to invest in a nice smartphone that will be used daily for at least a few months

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