How to Turn your TV into a Virtual Fireplace


As the cold winter nights come in, you may want to warm up your house with a real fire. But don’t worry if you don’t have one – a few household bits of technology will have you sitting in front of some burning logs in no time.

If you have a smart TV or a set-top box connected to your TV, you can easily fire one of the many fireplaces that are online, and imagine that you’re watching a fire burn rather than a video of one.

There are many ways to turn your TV into a virtual fireplace. It really depends on which devices and services you’ve linked to your TV. We’re going to cover some of the most common options.

Smart TV Apps

Streaming services are fantastic, but you may not be subscribing to either of them, or you may prefer something more direct. There are applications on several smart TV platforms that are specifically designed to show a fireplace on your TV.

 Here are some of the most common applications for a number of smart TV platforms. You can also open the app store on your particular computer and check for “Fireplace.”

Roku Fireplace Apps

Amazon Fire TV Fireplace Apps

Chromecast Fireplace Apps

Chromecast devices don’t really have “apps” in the same way that other smart TV platforms do. Instead, the apps are on your mobile device, from which you “cast” the content to the Chromecast. You can cast any of the fireplace videos from the streaming services listed above to your Chromecast-enabled TV.

Apple TV Fireplace Apps

Android TV/Google TV Fireplace Apps


Netflix has a fairly large fireplace content library. The series “Fireplace for Your Home” (also available on DVD) contains a number of background music options and wood species. There’s enough for both of us.

Watching these videos works exactly the same as any other Netflix TV show or film. Only search for “Fireplace” to find them.


You’ve got hundreds of fireplace videos to choose from. There’s always something for any situation you might imagine.

If you’re looking for something more conventional, YouTube has a lot of choices. The “Fireplace for Your Home” channel has shorter versions of the videos that you can find on Netflix.

Search for “Fireplace” to start searching a lot of videos. Here are a couple of things to get you started:

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon’s Prime Video service doesn’t have as many options as Netflix does, but it does have a couple of fireplace episodes. Prime has the “Fireplace 4K: Classic Edition” but is not available in all locations. Other choices include meditation sounds and beach campfires.

Streaming Services

The best way to turn your TV into a fireplace is to simply play a video of a fireplace from the streaming service of your choosing. Fireplace videos have become increasingly popular over the years, so you can find them on almost any streaming site.

As you can see there are plenty of choices for taking the warm fireplace experience to your house. Luckily, with all these great choices at your fingertips, you can make your living room feel like a cosy cabin on a cold winter’s day or this festive season.