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Spotlight, an Onlyfans for Africa launches in Kenya to help creators monetize their exclusive content

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Spotlight, a new app that aims to help content creators monetize their content by producing exclusive content with which they can charge a subscription or pay per view to their fans.

Like Netflix but with an OnlyFans twist, Spotlight is promising content creators will earn from their hobbies. Spotlit content creators will take home 70 percent of the revenues while it will earn only 30 percent of the revenues. One of its biggest firsts is that Spotlight is producing 16 episodes of the half-baked show by Henry Desagu. 

Once one has created their Spotlit Exclusive account, they will need to put in work to make it work. Creating unique content is key to success on Spotlight.

Users promote their Spotlit via social media platforms such as Twitter Instagram, and Facebook or on Reddit, Tiktok, or their official websites and blogs.

Their content should be exclusive and unique. A Spotlit Exclusive page allows one to charge their subscribers per view or per read. The content has to be really great for superfans to pay to read or watch. One can also track how many messages have been opened, read, and which price points are most successful.

Creators can also collaborate with other creators and swap shout outs. Creators are able to team up with like-minded creators that have audiences with similar interests to your followers. They can swap shout outs and content or, even better, shoot content jointly.

Spotlit also allows users to tag other creators in posts just like any other social media platform, meaning creators can shout each other out and collaborate with ease.

On Spotlight, creators can Go Live and interact with their fans in real-time for free or at a fee. Creators can also Co-Stream with other creators and just increase the fan for their biggest fans who are allowed to tip or pay during the live stream. 

According to the team, in the past, many artists have enjoyed a relationship with Brands, Sponsors or Fans who paid the artists either on a commission basis or with a stipend to create their works. Spotlight is attempting to create a modern version of this relationship.

“Spotlight is a voluntary subscription service that allows people who consume your content to pledge regularly to help support you and your content,” Antony Gitonga, Spotlight CEO told TechMoran. “This is a powerful tool to allow you both to make your art and content sustainable as well as create connections with some of the most dedicated people in your audience.”

Fans can sign up to support creators either on a per content piece basis or on monthly basis, depending on the frequency with which one creates content and their ­scale capacity.

The best fi­t for Spotlight accounts are ongoing projects that produce work for the general public to consume such as online comics, YouTube channels, blogs, artwork, photography, or other media.

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