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How to Allow Air Pods Pro Noise Cancellation on Mac

A noise cancellation mode comes with the Air Pods Pro. You are driven by the iPhone and iPad through the process of switching between modes, but the Mac does not. On Air Pods Pro on Mac, here’s how you can allow noise-cancelling.

For Air Pods Pro on the Mac, there are two ways to allow noise cancellation. This can be achieved using your Air Pods Pro’s stem or the Volume menu on your Mac.

  • Toggle Air Pods Pro Noise Cancellation Using the Mac Menu Bar
  • Using the Volume menu from the Mac menu bar is the fastest way to switch between various noise-control modes on the Mac.
  • “If you do not see the Volume button in the menu bar, you can enable it from “System Preferences.” To do so from the menu bar, click the “Apple” icon and select the option “System Preferences.
  • Choose the “Sound” option here.
  • Now go to the “Output” tab and make sure you have checked “Show Volume in Menu Bar.”
  • Click the speaker icon on the Mac menu bar to switch on Noise Cancellation, point to your Air Pods Pro, and pick Noise Cancellation from the Noise Control list. “By clicking those options, you can also turn it off or enable “Transparency” mode.

How to Quickly Allow or Disable Air Pods Pro Noise Cancellation

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Unlike the Air Pods, a double-tap option does not come with the Air Pods Pro. Instead in the Air Pods Pro stem, you click and hold the force sensor. By design, to switch between the three noise-control modes: Noise Cancellation, Transparency, and Off, you can press and hold either stem.

The Regular Mode is the Off Mode. Along with the playback, the Transparency mode deliberately allows for ambient noises, and the Noise Cancellation mode eliminates all noise.

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To cycle between the modes, simply press and hold the stem on either side of the Air Pods Pro. This sounds very straightforward on the surface. But you will not like the Transparency mode or plan to use it.

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