Best Online Magazines to Learn Something New


From fashion to literary to business to music, there is a diverse range of magazines available online. For instance, design and fashion magazines are arguably the most famous publications. Often, however, independent magazines get left behind that deserve more attention of readers.

The publication of magazines in traditional form still exists, but most people prefer digital access to their favorite magazines. In any case, the minimal and creative design layout of online magazines never ceases to amaze readers.

Here are the best subscription-based and free online magazines that offer exciting information and can expand your knowledge:

v Forbes

Whether it’s business or entertainment, Forbes magazine has been publishing informative articles for years. The magazine publishes articles on investments, real estate, marketing, finance, law, politics, science, technology, communications, and much more.

For the most part, it is the consistency of Forbes magazine that continues to entice readers across the world. It always manages to come up with unique ideas and informative pieces that capture the attention of readers. Forbes app also allows users to view and save the magazine in PDF format. It means you can switch back-and-forth between PDF and online text for a better reading experience.

v The Atlantic

In 1987, the Atlantic magazine was solely a cultural and literary publication. Today, it is one of the most reputable and giant publication. The Atlantic magazine publishes articles on health, culture, tech, science, politics, news, and educations.

Most folks prefer to access the Atlantic magazine through its iOS app. On the other hand, you can access the app through Kindle and Google News. The first thing you will notice about the Atlantic magazine is its slick layout, perfect content structure, and quick navigation.

Many published articles on the Atlantic magazine often overlap, which allows readers to see other sections. In fact, the magazine pays close attention to the categorization of reading sections. Furthermore, the shareability of the Atlantic magazine is relatively easier than most publications. As a result, it creates extended exposure and allows readers to dive into more articles.

v CNET Magazine

CNET magazine is one of the smartest and stylish publications you can find online. The magazine publishes technological and scientific material without subscription or hidden charges. The complete free label of the CNET magazine makes it one of the most valuable digital publications.

CNET magazine publishes the newest tech news and as well as technical pieces. It also helps you keep an eye on current and upcoming tech trends. A major portion of the CNET magazine revolves around technical aspects of technology that allow people to understand complex tech topics without an IT background.

v Rolling Stone

You cannot talk about the geopolitical and music scene without bringing Rolling Stone magazine into the picture. It is one of the most elegant and famous magazines that covers political reporting and publishes profiles of renowned musicians.

It also publishes a wide array of music-related articles that are largely different from other publications. Once you subscribe to Rolling Stone online, you can access an ocean of old and new articles on politics, music culture, and the music industry. The magazine carefully treads a thin red line between aesthetic choices and the quality of material.

Over the past, the Rolling Stone magazine app’s navigation and style layout has become more impeccable. In fact, you will find each article instantly responsive rather than traditional zoom-in and zoom-out static pages. The app allows readers to read in the night mode and change font sizes as well.

v Outburn Magazine

If you’re a music enthusiast, Outburn is one of the best online independent magazines. Even if you just love to listen to your favorite music, you can still learn many things about composing music from Outburn magazine.

v Skoove

Skoove is an AI-based music learning app that allows you to learn to play the piano. It deserves a spot on this list because of its informative material on music theory. In fact, you can check out piano games and review other articles on the Skoove blog to learn more about AI advancement and the influence of AI-based music apps.

v Variety

Variety is more than a hundred-year-old publication that publishes articles on technology, music, theater, cinema, television, and celebrities. Although the magazine has a weekly publication, it garners more international growth each year.

The primary focus of interest of Variety, however, has always been coverage of the entertainment industry. Whether it’s pop-culture, music, television, and film, it always manages to bring something new and exciting to the table. Variety has a loyal readership that learns about new tech advancements, music trends, and celebrity lifestyle all rolled into one magazine.

v The Washington Post

WP is a journalistic portal that breaks new political and entertainment stories. However, the WP magazine is a different beast than its conservative publication. Everyone is familiar with the journalistic integrity and reporting of the Washing Post, and its digital magazine offers more in-depth reporting on a diverse range of topics.

Whether it’s tech, business, music, cinema, or politics, the Washington Post magazine continues to raise the bar of informative and accurate content for readers. The WP Magazine also features numerous issues that focus on political commentary, cultural analysis, book reviews, film reviews, and editorial pieces.

What about Business Magazines?

Business magazines like Financial Times, Bloomberg, Business Insider, and The Economist are the best of the bunch. Bloomberg and Business Insider conduct in-depth financial analysis, whereas the Financial Times publishes a brief market analysis. The Economist, however, even publishes think-pieces that are not strictly associated with the business world.

Online Magazines: What Should be Your Criteria?

You don’t necessarily have to look for magazines with jaw-dropping visuals. Instead, focus on online magazines that offer the most value and help you learn a skill. It is no secret that the habit of reading magazines goes as back as to pre-code Hollywood era.

However, you should avoid online magazines with slow journalistic and outdated information that solely focuses on clickbait. Fortunately, there are diverse online magazines that offer diverse information for diverse people.

Wrap Up

At first, an online magazine may come across as challenging and confusing, but you’d be surprised what you can learn in a single reading. Today, online magazines offer an intuitive reading experience that can broaden your understanding of any subject.